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the surface, but turn over that creation and   of the human body, let’s consider also the
        who could understand how all the threads   care that God expends upon us. How
        fit together? Mankind would love to create   could we measure what it cost God to send
        life, but so utterly unknown to us are these   His Son to the cross in order to purchase
        secrets that it’s as though they remain hid-  these bodies of ours? Paul writes that we
        den in the innermost parts of the earth.  have been “bought with a price: therefore
          “Thine eyes did see my substance, yet   glorify God in your body, and in your
        being unperfect” (v16). To us, the early   spirit, which are God’s” (1Co 6:20). As Da-
        stages of a human embryo may seem like   vid reflected upon the care of God, Psalm
        a shapeless mass, but God sees a complete   139 became interspersed with spontane-
        human being.  People may destroy a seem-  ous worship: “How precious also are thy
        ing lump of nothingness through the evil   thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the
        act of abortion, but our God thought, de-  sum of them!” (v17). We would universal-
        signed and constructed that unborn child   ly agree that the eyes are one of the most
        as an eternal being and knows the soul and   vulnerable and yet necessary parts of the
        spirit of that individual. God delights in   human body; however, we find that they
        children and cares for those He crafted   are protected by such a thin membrane of
        with His own hand, and the Scriptures   skin, the eyelid. Consider how implicitly
        clearly teach that He made provision for   we trust the functions of the eyelid. Im-
        them in the death of Christ. David himself   pulses from the seventh and third cranial
        could speak with experience, as upon the   nerves, respectively, close and open them,
        death of his own child (2Sa 12:23) he took   providing rest and shade while secreting
        comfort in knowing that he would see that   a unique combination of oils, water and
        child again.                          mucus, and by accomplishing this opera-
          God has various books in relation to   tion at least 10,000 times per day, the eye is
        our lives. The names of those who trust   kept clean and protected. In Psalm 121, we
        Christ are recorded in the Book of Life.   read the Hebrew word shamar six times,
        At the Bema, our lives will be judged   translated “keepeth/preserveth.” From it
        by the Bible. The Lord Jesus taught that   comes shemeroth, which, interestingly, sig-
        words idly spoken are recorded for the   nifies the “eyelid.”  If we trust a thin piece
        day of judgment, and here in verse 16 we   of skin to preserve the eye, how much
        find that God has a book in relation to   more must we trust the Eternal Maker of
        the uniqueness and construction of every   the heart, eye, eyelid and every part of our
        person – “in thy book all my members   human frame! God is sensitive to the cares
        were written.” We may count the days   of His people. Unsurprisingly, Psalm 121
        of our life from the moment we exit the   teaches us that the One who keeps and
        womb, but not so God. With Him our    preserves us is One whose eyelids never
        days are written in His book from the   shut, for He neither sleeps nor slumbers.
        moment of conception. “I will praise thee;   Beloved,  the  unflinching,  unwavering
        for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:   eye of the eternal God is upon you in this
        marvellous are thy works; and that my   moment. Why not bow just where you are
        soul knoweth right well” (v14).       to give thanks?
        The Care of the Human Frame           ² See Charles Spurgeon’s classic, The Treasury of
          As we pause to contemplate the marvel   David

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