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The Complexity of the Human Frame     the forces of time, chance and natural
          Imagine designing a pump which in   selection. How tragic that such intelligent
        a 24-hour period pumps 100,000 times,   beings, possessing a spirit to know God
        sending  7.5  thousand  litres  of  liquid   and faced with every evidence of their
        through 96.5 thousand kilometres of tub-  Creator, “glorified him not as God, neither
        ing without a moment’s rest. This pump is   were thankful; but became vain in their
        designed to work around the clock, every   imaginations, and their foolish heart was
        minute of the 24-hour day, 7 days a week,   darkened. Professing themselves to be
        365 days a year without stopping. It never   wise, they became fools” (Rom 1:21-22).
        takes a rest, rarely misses a beat and often   The Construction of the Human Frame
        is caused to work under pressure. There’s   Think back to the Garden of Eden, when
        no inspection window and it doesn’t re-  with omniscient genius God stooped to
        ceive a yearly service – that’s our heart!  take the elements of a dusty earth and
          How about a camera one inch in diam-  with about 45 kg of water framed the hu-
        eter, 2 million working parts, weighing a   man being with all its complexity and yet
        mere 28 grams, with a resolution of 576   sublime symmetry. A unique tripart being,
        megapixels. One million tiny fibres link   possessing a body to interact physically, a
        it via electrical impulses to a processor   soul to interact socially and emotionally,
        capable of speeds and focus beyond our   and a spirit to interact spiritually, the
        understanding, which in turn convert to   human being is an unspeakable marvel
        live visual images – that’s our eye! It’s the   and another evidence of the wonderful
        second most powerful organ after the   works of God.
        brain, taking in about 36,000 pieces of   I  encourage  you  to  read  Psalm  139,
        information every hour. Approximately   which reveals to us the intimate and me-
        85% of all information we receive enters   ticulous construction of our being. Note
        into the body via the eye gate, and the   that the 24 verses, penned by David, can
        muscles that control its movements are   be divided up into four equal parts that
        some of the strongest in the human body.  reveal  the  omniscience,  omnipresence
          Folk are excited when the latest mobile   and omnipotence of God, concluding in
        phone contains a 12 megapixel camera,   the last six verses with an appropriate re-
        and they understand without question   sponse as David takes his stand with God
        that the camera was the result of careful   against those who oppose Him.
        thought, design and engineering process,   The psalm declares that the mysteries of
        constructed with painstaking detail and   conception and the detail and intricacy in-
        precision. How bizarre, then, that often   volved in our formation are a phenomena
        the very people who think, plan, design   beyond human comprehension. In verse
        and  construct  (whose  own  bodies  are   15 he likens it to a work of embroidery, so
        infinitely more complex) imagine they   perfectly detailed and tailored together on
        themselves are uncreated, objects of mind-  ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from
        less fate, cosmic accidents thrown up by   the KJV.

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