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salvation of many souls. He was equally   – Daniel Reconsidered. He later produced
        at home in a small rural assembly as in a   a second commentary on Revelation –
        large annual Bible Reading or conference.   Revelation Revisited. He also published a
          Jim was known for his modesty and un-  number of smaller papers and articles in
        assuming nature, which belied a scholar’s   magazines.
        mind and student’s pen. His contributions   In recent years Jim became increasingly
        in Bible Readings were always considered   restricted due to Parkinson’s disease and
        and articulate as he discussed the intricate
        details of a passage with his knowledge   felt keenly the increasing weakness that
        of the underlying text. Even though studi-  prevented him from platform preaching.
        ous, his preaching was far from tedious   For a while he was able to preach while
        and heavy; he had a ready mind and fac-  sitting, but eventually that, too, became
        ulty in expression that made his preaching   impossible. When his physical limitations
        easy listening.                       became a greater hindrance to his move-
          Jim knew what grief was, from the loss   ment, he and Hilary moved to the Glen-
        of a child at birth in 1957 in Malaysia, to   gormley assembly in 2018, where access
        the loss of his beloved wife Betty, who   to the hall was easier. His help there was
        passed away after a short illness in 1996.   greatly appreciated.
        In 2005, Jim felt keenly the loss of a grand-  On December 3, 2021, after a private
        daughter who was less than a year old. He   funeral service in the Glengormley Gospel
        experienced the loss of his two brothers,   Hall due to Covid-19 restrictions, Jim’s
        but was specially affected by the loss of his
        youngest son Stephen in 2011 at only 41   remains were laid to rest. Ivan Gordon
        years of age. He then lost his son-in-law   paid a tribute on behalf of the assembly;
        David Caulfield in 2019.              Jim’s son Drew paid a family tribute, and
          In 2006, Jim was married to Hilary and   Walter Boyd brought a message of comfort
        continued to preach and teach, including   from the Scriptures. His body was interred
        some further trips abroad. Hilary’s sup-  in Carrickfergus, where sons Drew and
        port and care for Jim as his health failed   Graeme read the Scriptures and prayed.
        would prove invaluable.                 Jim Allen will be remembered not only
          Jim’s contributions to the commentary   as a Christian gentleman but also as a gen-
        series What the Bible Teaches by John Ritchie   tle man. The dark valleys of grief through
        Ltd. are among the best helps available on   which he had travelled produced a min-
        First Timothy and the book of Revelation.   istry of compassion and care for saints in
        In August 2012, Jim met with a number   trial. His ability as a preacher of the gospel
        of brethren to discuss the possibility of   and teacher of the Word of God, coupled
        publishing a commentary on the prophecy   with his quiet and humble demeanour,
        of Daniel, and as a result, Scripture Teach-
        ing Library was formed. He played an   have combined to create special memories
        active part in the committee of Scripture   for those who knew him. In every way he
        Teaching Library, and saw his exercise for   fulfilled the requirements of 2 Timothy
        a commentary on Daniel fulfilled in what   2:15 as “a workman that needeth not to
        has been recognised as one of the best   be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of
        commentaries available on that prophecy   truth” (KJV).

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