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n November 30, our esteemed    Word of God. He returned to Northern
               brother Jim Allen of Jordans-  Ireland with his wife and family in 1964,
        Otown,  Northern  Ireland,  went      where he took up a post as Vice Principal
        to be with the Saviour he loved and dili-  of Larne Grammar School and was in fel-
        gently served for over 50 years.      lowship in the assembly at Cloughfern.
          He was saved as a young man of 17   However, his heart was still in Malaysia,
        years while attending meetings connected   and in 1968 he was commended to Ma-
        to the Bleary Gospel Hall, outside Lurgan,   laysia as a missionary and moved back
        County Armagh, where he was later bap-  there with Betty and the family in early
        tised and received into fellowship.   1969. The educational needs of the family
          From an early age Jim was studious. He   meant a move back to Northern Ireland
        graduated with a degree from Queen’s   in 1973, and from then Jim was based in
        University, Belfast, and took up teaching   Northern Ireland.
        in Ballymena Academy. At 27 years of    His gift in gospel preaching and teach-
        age, he left Northern Ireland to take up a   ing gave him acceptance throughout the
        position in education in Malaysia, initially   United Kingdom and further afield. He
        as a Headmaster and later as Principal of   regularly visited Malaysia on his own
        a specialist Teacher Training Institute. He   and was known in many countries as an
        had been engaged to Betty Foster prior   earnest gospel preacher and careful ex-
        to sailing for Malaysia and she followed   positor of Scripture. His preaching took
        him in 1956 for their marriage in Ipoh,   him to many countries, including the USA,
        Malaysia.                             Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malay-
          Even though busily employed in a se-  sia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and
        nior position in teaching, he soon engaged   nations within Africa. Over the years his
        in gospel preaching and teaching the   ministry was fruitful and resulted in the

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