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n Western society, with its affluence   those “golden years” and turn them into
            (affluenza, as it has been termed),   the gold of heavenly currency.
        Ithere is a great stress upon preparing   The “empty nest” years, the years when
        for the retirement years. With the increase   the children have grown and have become
        in longevity due to improved health care,   independent, the years just before and
        many retirees live 20 years beyond their   following retirement, are years filled with
        retirement date. This places a great strain   potential for you as a couple and for the
        on financial resources. So the questions   furtherance of the work of God. And as
        begin. Do you have a good retirement   with your retirement plans, you need to
        plan? Does that job to which you are ap-  invest to maximize this opportunity.
        plying have a decent pension? Are you   When
        vested yet in the company’s plan? Have   When do you begin investing in light of
        you opened your own IRA or 401K (for   the time characterized as “empty nest”?
        our non-USA readers, these are all retire-  As the saying goes, early and often! It is
        ment plans)? Ensuring the economic vi-  difficult to prioritize your marriage when
        ability and stability for your spouse is not   one is trying to build a career in the busi-
        wrong, but, to restate a worn-out cliché,   ness world and mother is involved with
        “the most important thing is to make sure   the children, their schooling and activities.
        that the most important thing is the most   It is easy to allow each to concentrate on
        important thing.”                     individual responsibilities and to allow a
          What, then, is the most important thing   disconnect to develop in your marriage.
        for your marriage? God intends that your   But nothing must be allowed to accom-
        marriage reflect something of the beauty   plish that fatal result.
        of Christ and the Church (Eph 5:22-33),   A husband and wife must set aside time
        and that your marriage be a tool for glo-  for each other. This does not have to entail
        rifying Him (1Co 7:17-24). In the grand   expensive getaways, vacations without
        scheme, financial stability is only a means   the children or exotic retreats. It might
        to that end, the means to be able to live   be simply a time each night for a cup of

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