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any examples of hospitality   not only showed further evidence of His
                 are recorded in the life of our   care for their physical needs, but He also
        MLord Jesus Christ, both of His       provided a vivid illustration of Himself
        displaying and receiving it. Thus, there is   as the “bread of life,” the One who could
        no shortage of material, or of angles from   meet their spiritual needs by giving
        which the subject could be approached. In   them eternal life, as He explained in John
        this article, we will consider some ways in   chapter 6.
        which He is exemplary for us in the area   In this, as in everything else, He is the
        of hospitality.                       perfect example to us. We need so much
        His Care                              more of His compassion for people, and
          The feeding of the five thousand was   having it would influence our decisions
                                              in extending hospitality. There are people
        hospitality on a very large scale indeed!   who are in genuine material need and for
        In their accounts of it, Matthew and Mark   whom an invitation to a meal in a home or
        both speak of the Lord’s “compassion”   efforts by an assembly to distribute food
        for the people, but Matthew connects it   to the needy in their district will not only
        to their physical needs and Mark to their   help to alleviate their circumstances but
        spiritual needs: “Jesus went forth, and saw   will show them the love of God in action.
        a great multitude, and was moved with   There are believers who initially came
        compassion toward them, and he healed   into contact with the gospel through the
        their sick” (Mat 14:14) ; “Jesus, when he   kindness of Christians who had a care
        came out, saw much people, and was    for them when they were in straitened
        moved with compassion toward them,    circumstances. The principle is also ap-
        because they were as sheep not having   plicable in our hospitality toward fellow-
        a shepherd: and he began to teach them   believers. If, for example, there are visitors
        many things” (Mar 6:34). In providing   at the assembly, it is natural to invite to our
        abundant food to meet their hunger, He   homes those whom we already know or
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   to whom we feel drawn personally, and
        the KJV.                              that is not wrong in itself. However, let us
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