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The Motive                              Giving without receiving is contrary

          Whatever this “hospitality” is, the   to the natural man. Peter had to remind
        meaning of the word establishes that   believers that they were to show hospi-
        it is motivated by love. While it is love   tality “without grudging” or murmur-
        for the stranger that is emphasized, it is   ing (1Pe 4:9). This Christian virtue of
        ultimately love for the Lord Jesus that is   love-motivated service toward another
        the bedrock upon which all rests. We love   believer was to be accomplished with
        the “brethren” because we love the Lord   the purest of motives and the sincerest
        Jesus Christ (1Jn 3:14,16). As always, true   of attitudes.
        love is going to be costly, as we shall see.   The Measure
        Aside from its motivation, what else does
        this love entail?                       The mention of hospitality in Romans
                                              12:13 is linked with distributing to the
        The Manner                            needs of believers. So, it suggests that
          Hospitality of this nature would be   hospitality would embrace seeing to all
        far different from our current concept.   the needs of these persecuted saints. The
        It would entail risk. “Strangers” would   citations in Timothy and Titus remind
        not necessarily come with letters of in-  us that those in leadership must set an
        troduction or letters of commendation.   example in displaying this love of strang-
        You would be faced with someone who   ers. Its link with the distribution of gifts
        “claimed” to be a brother or sister un-  and the manifold grace of God in 1 Peter
        dergoing persecution. You would have   suggests that this is something which
        no way to verify the story and would be   rises above normal human charity and
        left to decide to show kindness on the   kindness. Finally, Hebrews 13 holds out
        basis of an individual’s word. No doubt,   the fact that in showing hospitality in en-
        some believers were taken advantage   tertaining strangers, we will accomplish
        of in their zeal to show “hospitality.” It   far more than we will ever know. The
        is a stark reminder that when believers   simplest act of hospitality in a coming
        desire to be used by the Lord, they run   day of tribulation and persecution for
        the danger of being abused by evil men.   saints will receive a worthy recompense
        That aspect continues to be true today   from the Lord Himself (Mat 25:35-40).
        for those who seek to help the homeless,
        conduct ESL classes, or engage in similar   Should we expect less?
        outreach works.                         In light of the scriptural concept of
          The hospitality extended to strangers   hospitality, is it possible for us to show
        would preclude the likelihood of its be-  “love of strangers” today? As mentioned
        ing reciprocated. Here were individuals   earlier, those involved in outreach works
        with very little of earthly goods. They   certainly are showing that kind of “hos-
        possessed no home to which to invite   pitality.” But each of us can embrace the
        you. They had no storehouse of food   principles involved by having the love as
        from which they could quickly provide   our motivating force, showing a unidi-
        an after-meeting snack. Your hospitality   rectional manner of caring for others, and
        would be a unidirectional act of love for   having an open hand, an open heart and
        the sake of the Name.                 an open home.

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