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the context, it would have been vividly   per room (Luk 22:8). A few years earlier,
        remembered by all who heard.          he was one of two who asked the Lord,
          Of course, the Lord was unique in His   “Where dwellest Thou?” then heard His
        authority, and, being all-wise, He always   welcoming words, “Come and see,” and
        knew perfectly what to say, and when,   he “came and saw where he dwelt, and
        and how. We can tend to come across as   abode with him that day” (Joh 1:38,39).
        indiscreet and critical, and we need dis-  Thus, John would have been aware that
        cernment in these things. Nevertheless,   the Lord who was accepting hospitality
        hospitality often provides a means, in an   at the close of His public ministry had
        informal and unthreatening setting, for   Himself shown it at its start. He was
        God’s people to be of help and guidance to   certainly not among those who expect to
        others for whom they have a spiritual care.  be shown hospitality by others but who
        His Courtesy                          have no interest in showing it themselves!
          The Lord’s conduct would teach us   How relevant are His words, “All things
        how to behave ourselves appropriately,   whatsoever ye would that men should do
        whether as  host  or guest. Simon the   to you, do ye even so to them” (Mat 7:12)!
        Pharisee (Luk 7:36-50) was an exceedingly   In all likelihood, the place to which the
        discourteous host. Although he invited the   Lord welcomed those two early disciples
        Lord, he did not accord Him the courte-  was very modest compared to the upper
        sies normally shown to guests, and his   room. Yet it was not the building or the
        criticism of the Savior for accepting the   quality and quantity of the food that mat-
        gratitude of the sinful woman is evidence   tered, but who was there and what took
        that the purpose of the invitation was to   place while they were together. We should
        find fault. Thus, we learn that we should   not shrink from showing hospitality just
        show hospitality out of love and not with   because we cannot match what others can
        ulterior motives. If our guests are not truly   do. The financial, domestic, medical, etc.
        welcome, it will be obvious to them, and   situations of believers vary. Indeed, for
        much harm will be done.               some dear saints, showing any amount
          In contrast, the Lord Jesus was a most   of hospitality is extremely difficult or
        courteous guest. When arriving in Em-  impossible. The Lord sympathizes with
        maus on the day of His resurrection, He   the situations of His people, and He does
        did not demand hospitality, but “made as   not lay upon us burdens that we cannot
        though he would have gone further” (Luk   bear. On one occasion He was enjoying
        24:28). Although He accepted and appreci-  hospitality in the home of Simon the leper,
        ated hospitality, He did not presume upon   and a woman came and anointed Him.
        it. Showing hospitality is a responsibility   Knowing that it was done out of devo-
        that Scripture enjoins upon us; however,   tion to Him and in appreciation of His
        receiving it is not something that we are   impending death, His comment to those
        to demand, as a right. When shown hospi-  who criticized her was, “She hath done
        tality, we should be thankful and express   what she could” (Mar 14:3-9). It is so for
        gratitude to our hosts.               us: we should do what we can for others,
        His Consistency                       in love to Him who died for us. If that is
          John was one of the two disciples whom   our motivation, then however small it may
        the Lord sent to request the use of the up-  seem to be, it is precious in His sight.

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