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he concept of the trinity, three   The Spirit and His Body
              persons with one nature, is beyond   The Godhead can be seen in the incarna-
        Tany earthly comparison or concept.   tion of the Lord. We read in Hebrews 10
        They are one in possessing the unique   that it was a body prepared by God the
        essence of deity and working together   Father; Hebrews 2:14 tells us that He (the
        to accomplish every purpose, yet each   Lord Jesus) “took part of the same” blood
        maintaining His distinct role within the   and flesh, which is humanity. Finally, in
        Godhead in carrying out those purposes.   Luke we see the action of the Spirit of God
        Though transcending our understanding,   in His being begotten by the Spirit and in
        we bow to its truth as revealed throughout   the body prepared.
        Scripture. One of the characteristics of the   The Spirit and a Man Without Blemish
        Godhead is how it jealously guards the   or Spot
        honor of each member. The Lord Jesus,
        while here on earth, always sought what   Theologians have grappled with the
        honored His Father. In a similar man-  problem of how a fallen creature such as
                                              Mary could conceive a child in whom the
        ner, the Spirit of God was active in every   problem of sin in the flesh was absent. The
        aspect of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ,   doctrine of the immaculate conception of
        both  guarding  His  honor  and  giving   Mary as offered by Rome only pushes the
        power to His works. The Spirit of God   problem one generation earlier. Far bet-
        was intimately involved in every aspect   ter to stop where the Scriptures of truth
        of the Lord’s life and death. Notice His   stop: “The Holy Ghost shall come upon
        involvement in His:                   thee, and the power of the Highest shall
        Incarnation                           overshadow thee: therefore also that holy
        The Spirit and His Begetting          thing which shall be born of thee …” (Luk
                                              1:35).  The protective power of the Spirit
          We need extreme care when we speak or   of God was operative in preserving Him
        write of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus.   while in the womb, and thus came forth
        No room can be allowed for imagination   “that Holy thing.”
        or any attempt to explain or reconcile
        this miracle in terms of human medical   Acclamation
        knowledge. He was begotten by the Holy   The Spirit of God could not allow the
        Spirit of God and conceived in the womb   greatest act of selfless condescension to
        of Mary. It was the “seed of the woman.”   go unnoticed. He prompted testimonies
        We read that Mary conceived in her womb   from at least three individuals at the birth
        (Luk 2:21). I would say with great rever-  of the Lord Jesus to remove any hint that
        ence that Mary’s womb was not a mere   this was a “normal” child coming into the
        incubator but the very place where He   ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from
        was conceived.                        the KJV.
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