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“       ll scripture is given by inspiration   authored the Scriptures of truth, and as
                                                The Eternal  God,  by His Spirit,  has
               of God” (2Ti 3:16).
        A Inspiration in the biblical sense   enduring and eternal as God is, so too is
        literally means “breathed into by God.”   His Word. The synoptic Gospels all record
        That is, God supernaturally impressed   these words of the Lord Jesus: “Heaven
        His words into the minds and hearts of   and earth shall pass away, but my words
        the men He used to record the Scriptures.   shall  not  pass  away”  (Mat  24:35;  Mar
        Paul stresses this in 1 Corinthians 2:13   13:31; Luk 21:33).
        in the context of apostolic inspiration:
        “Which things also we speak, not in the   Since the Holy Spirit is the divine Au-
        words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but   thor, the Scriptures He has given us are
        which the Holy Ghost teacheth.” Thus,   holy and perfectly in keeping with the
        we understand that every word in the   holiness of God. Further, the effect on the
        original document was God-breathed.   reader of holy Scripture will be a progres-
        The remarkable thing is that even though   sion toward holiness. How sad it is at the
        God is the Author of His every word, the   present time that the reading of the Bible
        personality and style of the various writers   is often neglected; its sanctifying effect
        are not obliterated or squashed. On the   is lost and spiritual poverty is the result.
        contrary, the wonderful variety of liter-
        ary style in the Scriptures adds color and   The Scriptures are really a self-disclo-
        beauty to our wonderful Bible.        sure of God to men, and the Lord Jesus
          Peter states that “holy men of God   is the ultimate expression of this (Heb
        spake as they were moved by the Holy   1:1-2). He personified inspiration, for the
        Ghost” (2Pe 1:21). He is referring to the   Father “giveth not the Spirit by measure
        Old Testament writers, who were not the   unto Him” (Joh 3:34). In John 6:63, He said,
        originating authors of the content which   “The words that I speak unto you, they
        they wrote but rather were penmen un-  are spirit, and they are life.” Carried fur-
        der the direction of the Holy Spirit. They   ther, all the words of the original text are
        simply recorded God’s mind on things as   living words coming from the life-giving
        they were “moved” or carried along by the   Spirit. The Scriptures have the power to
        Holy Spirit. It was not their own “private   engender spiritual life in the soul. “Being
        interpretation” of things, but it was God’s   born again, not of corruptible seed, but of
        mind that was given and permanently   incorruptible, by the word of God, which
        written down. Moses was commanded to
        write what he had received from God in a   liveth and abideth for ever” (1Pe 1:23).
        book, and “Moses wrote all the words of   Let us always treasure “the gift of God
        the LORD” (Exo 24:4).                 without measure” and make the inspired
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   Word of God “the man of our council” in
        the KJV.                              all things.

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