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G. Campbell Morgan, Handbook for Bible Teachers and Preachers
        (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1982), 301 pp.
        Reviewed by Timothy Cain
          While it is true that a little knowledge can be a very dangerous
        thing, G. Campbell Morgan’s Handbook for Bible Preachers and Teach-
        ers goes just far enough past “little” to be truly enlightening and
        empowering. In no single subject will the Handbook ever produce
        an expert – it’s simply too broad and too brief to do so. Yet there is
        a solid, thorough, usable foundation for the entirety of Scripture
        within the pages of this must-have resource.
          In typically Morganesque style – wherein complex subjects become
        simple, simple truths become profound, and a distinctly readable
        quality is blended with plenty of weighty dialogue – the Handbook
        travels book by book through 63 sections and establishes context, major themes and
        vital truth. “Every book has some direct and living message having application not to
        its own age merely, but to every succeeding one.”
          The Handbook for Bible Preachers and Teachers was also published as Living Messages of
        the Books of the Bible and Concise Survey of the Bible. G. Campbell Morgan, a preacher at
        13 and a friend of Charles Spurgeon, died in 1945.

        William Trew, Notes on Galatians & Philippians
        (Bristol: Precious Seed Publications, 2011), 70 pp.
        Reviewed by Mitchell Taylor
          Among virtually endless options for commentaries on Galatians
        and Philippians with varying degrees of helpfulness, this compact
        edition by William Trew stands out. If you are looking for a concise
        overview that you will return to on many occasions, this little book
        captures the essence of these two epistles in as few words as pos-
        sible. This book is a compilation of articles published by Precious
        Seed in the 1960s and 70s that fluidly move through their respective
        books in an expositional manner.
          The book is divided into two sections, one for each epistle. Each
        epistle is introduced and briefly explained as Trew guides the reader
        through an outline of Galatians and Philippians. Mr. Trew was clearly a gifted expositor,
        whose comments swerved neither to the right nor the left as he navigated the epistle.
        His outlines are on point. His details about those divisions leave behind insight that is
        both profound and considerate of the entire context of the letter in view.
          A younger believer will not be overwhelmed by this book; an older believer will feel
        a renewed grasp of these epistles by reading this overview. Though this collection of
        articles will not answer every question that you have about each verse, it will give you
        clarity, whet your appetite to dig deeper, and leave you with a correct understanding
        of two of Paul’s epistles.

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