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NE) help in the gospel was appreciated on this
        special occasion.
        Florida                               Veracruz
        DeLand: The assembly purposes to have a   Veracruz: The assembly hosted a virtual con-
        conference February 4-6 with a few Spanish   ference in November. They appreciated the
        meetings and four nights of ministry afterwards   help given from the Word of God by Duncan
        from Tuesday through Friday. Please see the
        recent December issue for conference details.  Beckett, John Dennison, Anderson Hernández,
                                              Miguel Mosquera, Harrys Rodríguez, Timothy
        Iowa                                  Stevenson, Paul Thiessen, Timothy Turkington
        Ankeny: The assembly held three nights of   and Tim Woodford.
        special ministry meetings November 17-19
        with Jerry Jennings on Habakkuk. During their   State of Mexico
        December 4 day’s meeting, Sandy Higgins gave   Nezahualcóyotl: The assembly held their first-
        appreciated ministry on “Visits to Bethlehem.”  ever conference in November, commemorating
                                              20 years of God’s faithfulness to them as a local
        Dunkerton: The believers are rejoicing because   testimony in this large city. On Saturday, Miguel
        a man who attended the gospel meetings with   Mosquera, Harrys Rodríguez, Paul Thiessen,
        William Skates and Frank Sona in the small town   Gilberto Torrens and Timothy Turkington all
        of Dewar last August professed salvation on   shared in the ministry of the Word virtually.
        November 3. He has long-standing connections   On Sunday, the assembly gathered to break
        with the Hitesville assembly. Robert Orr visited   bread and hear ministry from Duncan Beckett
        the assembly for the Lord’s Day, November 14.  and Shad Kember.
        Manchester: The assembly had much joy on
        November 8 witnessing the baptism of a young   San Luis Potosí
        couple who were saved in the tent at The Mill   El Barril: In November, the assembly enjoyed
        truck stop in August.                 five nights of profitable ministry from Miguel
                                              Mosquera on the Holy Spirit.
        Stout: Frank Sona visited the assembly and gave
        Sunday afternoon ministry on November 21.   Nuevo León
        The assembly is planning to hold their annual   Monterrey: The assembly enjoyed a two-week
        conference April 9-10, 2022, D.V. Details to follow.  visit from Romer Mosquera (Hermosillo) in Oc-
                                              tober. They appreciated his help in the ministry
        Washington                            of the Word and in the gospel.
        Arlington: The assembly extends a warm wel-
        come February 19-20 to their hall and family   Sonora
        homes for their upcoming Arlington youth   Hermosillo: Eleonor Mosquera was able to
        conference, D.V. Prayer is requested for these   recommence children’s meetings on Saturdays
        meetings (see the conference notice below for   in Laura Alicia Frías after a long hiatus imposed
        contact details).                     by the pandemic. The attendance was very
                                              encouraging, with over 50 children present at
        Wisconsin                             times. Some of these children have been coming
        Brodhead: The assembly commenced gospel   to the Sunday gospel meeting in the hall as well.
        meetings with Brandon Doll and Joel Portman
        on November 28. Close to 3000 Seed Sowers
        packets that included an invitation to the meet-
        ings were delivered around Brodhead and some
        surrounding towns on Friday, November 26.
        Mount Sterling: The assembly commenced   Arlington/Marysville, WA
        gospel meetings in person with John Fitzpatrick   February 19-20, in the Arlington Gospel Hall. A
        and Jason Wahls on December 1 but was forced   very warm invitation for all to attend the annual
        to cancel them due to COVID-19.       Youth Conference is extended. It will certainly

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