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hen the Lord was bodily on   spiritual blessings in heavenly places in
                 earth, He made many great    Christ Jesus” (Eph 1:3).
        Wpromises, including some that          3. It is not something that replaces
        were applicable to the time of His absence.   Christ as the center of the believer’s focus,
        Two in particular were in relation to the   experience and affection. Believers should,
        Holy Spirit. The first was in John 14:16-17:   in all things, seek to live Christ-centered,
        “And I will pray the Father, and he shall   Christ-glorifying lives.
        give you another Comforter, that he may   4. It was not linked with the sign gifts
        abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit   in the early days of the Church.
        of truth … for he dwelleth with you, and   5. It was not an event that happened
        shall be in you.”  The second was in Acts
        1:4-5: “And, being assembled together   to a single person; indeed, nowhere in
        with them, [He] commanded them that   Scripture is the baptism in the Holy Spirit
        they should not depart from Jerusalem,   spoken of as an individual experience.
        but wait for the promise of the Father,   So, what then was the baptism in the
        which, saith he, ye have heard of me. For   Holy Spirit?
        John truly baptized with water; but ye   The Phenomena
        shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not   The baptism in the Spirit was an event
        many days hence.”                     that took place on the day of Pentecost
          These two promises are the subject of   when the Holy Spirit came down, thus
        this article, i.e., the baptism and the in-  forming the Church, the body of Christ. It
        dwelling of the Holy Spirit, and they are   was the inauguration of a new dispensa-
        very important to us today. There is much   tion and only happened once, that day in
        confusion and error about the subject, and   Jerusalem. It was accompanied by unique
        a correct consideration of Scripture will   phenomena that never happened that way
        help us to understand this doctrine.  before and would never happen again.
        The Baptism in the Holy Spirit        The evidence of it was, firstly, audible – “a
          It may be useful to set out, first of all,   sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty
        what the baptism in the Holy Spirit is not   wind” – and secondly, visible – “there ap-
        before we consider what it is.        peared unto them cloven tongues like as
          1. It is not something to be prayed for   of fire” (Act 2:2-3).
        either individually or collectively by a   The Prophecies
        Christian in order to receive or experience   The baptism in the Spirit was a fulfil-
        it. There is no scriptural requirement to   ment of prophecy by John the Baptist,
        do so.                                who  preached,  “I  indeed  baptize  you
          2. It is not something that comes sec-  with water unto repentance: but he that
        ondarily into the life of a Christian due to   cometh after me … he shall baptize you
        some particular experience after salvation.   with [in] the Holy Ghost” (Mat 3:11). Also,
        At conversion we are “blessed with ALL   the Lord Himself, before He went back to
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   glory, reminded the disciples of what they
        the KJV.                              heard previously from Him: “For John

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