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whom the Father did not “give the Spirit   Pentecost
        by measure” (Joh 3:34). He moved in the   The day of Pentecost was an additional
        power of an ungrieved Spirit all the days   vindication of the Lord Jesus Christ, as
        of His service for God, and in all the day-  the preaching of Peter on that day reveals:
        to-day activities of life for those 33 years.   “Therefore being by the right hand of God
        He ascribed His power to the Spirit of   exalted … he hath shed forth this, which
        God and His Words to His Father. What   ye now see and hear” (Act 2:33). The out-
        a selfless Servant!                   pouring of the Spirit of God was done by
        Propitiation                          the Lord Jesus Christ as He, the baptizer,
                                              baptized the company on that day “in” the
          In Hebrews 9:14 we are told that Christ,   Spirit of God to form the Body of Christ. It
        “through the eternal Spirit, offered him-  was a living Savior who sent the Spirit of
        self without spot to God.” It is difficult to   God back into the world (Joh 16:7).
        add anything better to this than what J.N.
        Darby has already penned: “He offered   Proclamation
        Himself  to  God,  but  as  moved  by  the   The Promise of the Savior
        power, and according to the perfection
        of the eternal Spirit. All the motives that   The Upper Room ministry of the Lord
        governed this action, and the accomplish-  Jesus contains many wonderful, comfort-
        ment of the fact according to those mo-  ing and challenging truths. Among the
        tives, were purely and perfectly those of   things revealed to the disciples was that
        the Holy Spirit; that is, absolutely divine   He was going to send the Spirit of God into
        in their perfection, but of the Holy Spirit   the world to empower them for testimony
        acting in a man (a man without sin who,   (Joh 15:26). After His resurrection (20:22),
        born and living ever by the power of the   He breathed on them and gave the Spirit
        Holy Spirit, had never known sin; who,   for power (this is not the same as what
        being exempt from it by birth, never al-  occurred at Pentecost).
        lowed it to enter into Him).”         The Power for Preaching
          The entire Godhead was thus involved   Acts  1:2  tells  us  that  the  Lord  gave
        in the great work of the cross – the Son   commandments through the Spirit to the
        offering Himself, the Spirit of God the   apostles. Among them, and well known
        controller of all, and God the Father re-  to us, are the commands to go into all the
        ceiving the offering.                 world and preach the gospel. This was
                                              done throughout the book of the Acts in
        Vindication                           the power and fellowship of the Spirit of
        Resurrection                          God.
          He was proclaimed as the Son of God by   It should bow our hearts in worship that
        virtue of His resurrection, which Romans   our Lord Jesus Christ, in His condescend-
        1 ascribes to the Spirit of holiness (v4). Ro-  ing grace, possessed of all the power of
        mans 8:11 also ascribes the resurrection of   deity, chose to live as a dependent Man in
        the Lord Jesus to the Spirit of God. While   this world, doing all that He did through
        the day of His ultimate vindication is yet   the power of the Spirit of God, owning
        future, the Lord Jesus has been vindicated   all His “success” to the Spirit and not to
        to His own by resurrection.           Himself.

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