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world. Having written that last sentence, I   the Lord Jesus rose out of the waters of
        need to add that there is a very real sense   baptism and stood on the banks of the
        that this was the only “normal” person   Jordan, heaven was opened and the Spirit
        who ever lived. He came with no sin, no   in dove-like form descended upon Him,
        personality quirks, no brokenness at all.   anointing Him for the public service upon
        He was balanced and fruitful from the   which He was about to enter. The Father
        moment of His coming into the world. Un-  would distinguish His Son from all others
        like the rest of humanity who, as we grow,   who entered those waters.
        increase in guilt, He grew and increased   From the Herald
        in grace (Luk 2:40). It is Luke especially   John owned that this was the very sign
        who draws our attention to how carefully   for which he was looking and which
        the Spirit of God guards the deity of the   would seal his ministry: “Upon whom
        Lord Jesus.                           thou shalt see the Spirit descending and
          The first person whom the Spirit of God   remaining on him, the same is he” (Joh
        summoned to testify to the Lord Jesus   1:33). In this manner, the Spirit of God
        was Elizabeth. Her words clearly set Him   marked Him out to John, who, in turn,
        apart. Filled with the Holy Spirit (1:41),   could present Him to the nation as God’s
        she spoke of “the mother of my Lord”   Lamb (v29).
        (v43). The Babe in the womb of Mary, pos-  From the Hellish Enemy
        sibly only one month into her pregnancy,
                                                Mark’s language is graphic as he states,
        is owned by Elizabeth as “my Lord.”   “And immediately the Spirit driveth him
          Next to be constrained by the Spirit of   into the wilderness … tempted of Satan”
        God was Zacharias. Once again, we are   (Mar 1:12,13). Luke adds that at the con-
        told that he was filled with the Holy Spirit   clusion of the temptation “Jesus returned
        (v67), and spoke of his son, John, as going   in the power of the Spirit into Galilee”
        before the “face of Jehovah” (v76) and of   (Luk 4:14). So assured was the Spirit of
        the Lord as the Dayspring from on high   God (who would never lead any into a
        having visited His people.            path of sin) of the impeccable nature of
          Last, Simeon, led by the Spirit and with   this Man that He led Him into combat
        the Holy Spirit “upon him,” testified to all   with the Satanic majesty, knowing the
        that the child in his arms was none other   conclusion of the battle.
        than God’s salvation, the light to Gentile
        nations and the glory of the nation of   Ministration
        Israel (2:25-32).                       The service and life of the Lord Jesus
        Manifestation                         as lived in and through the power of the
                                              Spirit could well deserve an article in its
        From Heaven                           own right. Returning to Nazareth after
          In the typology of the offerings, the   His fame was spread abroad, He ascribed
        meal offering was both mingled with oil   all He did to the Spirit of God (Luk 4:18).
        and anointed with oil. The great antitype   The Servant Song of Isaiah 42 also speaks
        of that offering, the Lord Jesus, was both   of the Spirit of God and His service (v1).
        begotten of the Spirit and anointed by   The Lord spoke of casting out demons by
        the Spirit. That anointing took place as a   the Spirit of God (Mat 12:28) and did not
        public manifestation at His baptism. As   boast of His own ability. Here is the one to

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