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family’s relations became important to me.   Unlike other verses,  there is no trini-
        How did my wife relate to so-and-so? No   tarian formula here. This verse tells us
        explanation was too technical. Having a   plainly who the Lord Jesus is. He is “the
        love-interest made all the difference.  Christ, the Son of God,” and to believe in
          So it is with studying the Trinity. We are   Him is to receive eternal life. But notice
        to marry Christ! (Eph 5:32; Rev 19:7). If we   how looking exclusively at Christ pulls
        dream long enough about spending eter-  us in a trinitarian direction. When we
        nity with Him, we will soon find ourselves   consider who Jesus is (the Son), we soon
        asking: How does He relate to God?  And   find ourselves grappling with how He
                                              relates to God (the Son of God), and with
        to the Spirit? How do they relate to Him?   who God is, for our Lord’s identity as
        The more we love Christ, the more willing   the eternal Son of God means that God
        we’ll be to research His eternal relations,   is eternally a Father. Does it not make a
        even if such research gets quite technical   world of difference to pilgrims on their
        at times. We’re to be married to Him, after   way to heaven to know that the heaven
        all. Studying the Trinity becomes a way of   they are journeying toward is the home
        expressing our love for Christ.       of a Father loving His Son from before

        “But will it make any                 the foundations of the world? (Joh 17:24).
                                                There is a glorious interdependency at
        difference?”                          play. The Father cannot be who He is (the
          The Lord Jesus Himself, then, is the   Father) apart from the Son; the Son can-
        motive for pursuing this study. But now   not be who He is (the Son) without the
        a second locked gate obstructs our way:   Father. Each finds His distinct identity in
        no matter how much we learn about His   His relation to the other. They are insepa-
        trinitarian relationships, what difference   rable. And in addition to being “the Son of
        will it make? The thief on the cross didn’t   God,” the Lord Jesus is also “the Christ,”
        know much about the Trinity and yet he   the One anointed with the Holy Spirit.
        still went to paradise. What’s the point in   Here we are, looking at a simple gospel
        proceeding if it doesn’t make a difference?  verse calling us to faith in Jesus Christ, the
          Again, Christ is the key to this barrier.   Son of God, and yet the faith we’re being
                                              summoned to is inherently trinitarian. As
        Let’s find a simple gospel verse that’s only   Michael Reeves puts it, “When you start
        about the Lord Jesus. The apostle John   with the Jesus of the Bible, it is a triune
        has a good one for us, and we’ll include   God that you get.” 4
        the verse preceding it for context: “Now   The Lord Jesus is indeed the key to the
        Jesus did many other signs in the presence   Trinity. The God He reveals is a Father,
        of the disciples, which are not written in   loving His Son in the joy of the Holy Spirit
        this book; but these are written so that you   (Mat 3:16-17).  This is the fundamental
        may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the   reality of the universe we live in (1Jn 4:8).
        Son of God, and that by believing you may   What could be more relevant?
        have life in his name” (Joh 20:30-31 ESV).
                                              ³ E.g., Matthew 28:19 and 2 Corinthians 13:14.
        ² See David Gooding, Part 1 – The Trinity, The   ⁴ Michael Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity: An
        Trinity (2007) (Ceryyduff, Belfast, 2007), https://  Introduction to the Christian Faith (Downers  Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2012), 37.
        part-1-the-trinity-2007.              ⁵ Reeves, 29.

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