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et’s call the destination we are head-  “But I lack the desire.”
              ed toward in this series the Happy
                                                Look at this first gate blocking our way.
        LLand of the Trinity.  It is a beautiful   It’s the lack of desire we may have to study
        place to be, a place in the believer’s life
        where one is biblically convinced that   the Trinity doctrine seriously. We intuit
        the doctrine of the Trinity is true, and is   that the subject matter is complex, that the
        therefore free to enjoy relationship with   effort required will be too great, and so we
        the Father, Son, and Spirit, to the full.  give up before making a start.
          Let’s pretend that it is also a place at   Perhaps you feel this now. You are as
        which you have not yet arrived, and that   unmotivated by this study as I am by the
        you have a long journey to go, and block-  age of the earth debate. You think: Here is
        ing your path are many locked gates. Con-  my opportunity. A series of articles – I’ll only
        sider these articles a recurring reminder   need to read one a month. I can work through
                                              the Scripture references slowly and prayer-
        that you hold a key to unlock the gates
        – and that key is Christ.             fully, and maybe the Lord will enable me to
                                              embrace this doctrine with my whole mind
          Yes, there are many obstacles to face   and heart. But it will require a great deal of
        when studying the Trinity. In this article   thinking, and if I’m honest, I lack the desire
        and the next we will confront four of them.   to sort it all out.
        That will leave us with one remaining   How will you unlock this barrier? By
        obstacle, a gate so obstinate (for some
        people) that we will need the rest of the   using the key. I used to have no interest in
        series to open all its locks. But in every   sorting out family relationships. My eyes
        case, the key for getting through is Christ.  would glaze over when Grandma tried to
                                              explain how so-and-so was cousin to one
        ¹ This phrase comes from Fred Sanders, The   of my dad’s aunts. Or was it on the uncle’s
        Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes
        Everything (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2010), 62.   side? But then I met my future wife. And
        But I am using it differently.        soon I was to marry her! Suddenly one

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