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t may seem out of place to include   the feelings of those who are single. If we
            an article on singleness in a series on   stand on the platform and preach about
        IMarriage and Family. Every marriage,   the unequal yoke (2Co 6:14), and then
        however, was entered into by two people   question why that brother or sister cannot
        who were single at the time. Every child   find a spouse, we are undermining our
        born to that marriage will be single for at   teaching. If we are constantly stressing
        least the first 18 years. So “single” is the   the value of the will of God for a believer’s
        common denominator for all; we are either   life, and then find it unbelievable that a be-
        single now or we once were. The emphasis   liever would remain single, we are being
        on marriage may obscure the reality of   inconsistent. Labeling them as unclaimed
        the worth and significance of believers   treasures or similar expressions does not
        who are single – some because they are   help them.
        too young to contemplate marriage, and
        others who have not found a partner in   Specialness of
        the will of the Lord.                   Single believers have made one of the

        Sensitivity to                        greatest sacrifices in life for the sake of
                                              faithfulness to the Lord Jesus and His
          Assembly life frequently centers around   Word. We should be honoring them for
        family. We do not, however, appear in the   this, not making them feel as though they
        assembly as families. We actually come   are second-class Christians. For most of
        as individual believers, as priests func-  them, marriage would have been an easy
        tioning in a holy priesthood. But family   accomplishment. Most of our single sis-
        ties are still present. The prominence of   ters have known the pain of rejecting the
        families can make a single person feel very   attention of an unsaved man, of saying
        isolated, alone and forgotten. If we add   “no” to a potential date. Others have been
        to this burden the well-intentioned but   involved with a Christian young man only
        awkward remarks about when are they   to discover he is more attracted by the next
        going to find someone, we do not help   attractive face. Some of our brethren have
        them. Tragically, single people may also   known disappointment from Christian
        become the subject of someone’s humor. It   girls in whom they have expressed interest
        is cruel to joke about what may be a huge   when that interest was not reciprocated.
        heartache in another believer’s life.   These single sisters and brothers have
          We need to heighten our sensitivity to   paid a great price and known a unique

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