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Meanwhile, both the apostolic preaching   a man-made invention, how did the great
        in Acts and the apostolic teaching in the   theologians and teachers of the past fall
        epistles seem so straightforward by con-  for it? More importantly, what about the
        trast. “God” refers to the Father, and this   biblical evidence itself? Scripture may not
        Father has a Son (the “Son of God”) and   call the Lord Jesus “God the Son,” but in
        a Spirit (the “Spirit of God”).       several places it does predicate of Christ,
          For this reason, one does not have to   not only that He is God in nature but that
        travel a lot or drill far down into You-  He is “God.” There’s also the powerful ex-
        Tube comments to find evangelical voices   egetical evidence that the New Testament
        calling for a return to New Testament   identifies Jesus as Yahweh, the covenant
        simplicity. The Trinity doctrine is man-  name for God.
        made, not scriptural, they claim. It is an   For some this feels like an impasse. They
        unnecessary stumbling block, a doctrine   are unwilling to deny trinitarian teaching
        invented by councils centuries after our   on the one hand, and unable to affirm it
        Lord ascended, that prevents many, Jews   unreservedly on the other. During the last
        and Muslims especially, from trusting in   two years of shutdowns, the Lord gave
        Christ and receiving the gift of eternal   me the desire and opportunity to work
        life. Let’s go back to scriptural language,   through these matters again for myself.
        such voices urge, and proclaim “the Son   My prayer throughout was that He would
        of God” as the one and only way to “God   help me know the truth, to keep me from
        the Father” by the power of “the Spirit   “limping between two different opinions”
        of God.”                              (1Ki 18:21 ESV). I believe He answered
          Let’s go back – not to Nicaea, but to the   my prayer. I am convinced by Scripture
        New Testament. Please note with care:   that the doctrine of the Trinity is not man-
        the voices I’m referring to are calling us   made, but thoroughly biblical.
        to Scripture’s terminology, not away from   In this series of articles we’ll be making a
        it, for the sake of gospel witness, not to   journey. I want to revisit the texts the Lord
        hinder conversions to Christ. They are   used to help me and point out some of the
        not modalists,  and they willingly affirm   riches they contain. We won’t bypass the
        the full deity of Christ and the Spirit. Af-  difficult texts along the way; instead, we
        ter all, they point out, one would expect   will look long and hard at them and see
        God’s Son to have the same nature as His   that they actually lend their support to the
        Father. One would expect the same of   doctrine. By journey’s end, I hope we’ll see
        God’s Spirit too.                     that the Trinity doctrine originates not in
          I am aware of more and more people   the mind and councils of men but in God’s
        who are attracted by the apparent sim-  holy Word.
        plicity  of  this  view.  Maybe  man  has   But I’m getting ahead of myself. Where
        complicated what in God’s Word is easily   shall we start? With the Lord Jesus Christ,
        grasped. At the same time, they do feel the   of course. If you struggle with doubts about
        opposing pull of centuries of Christian   the Trinity, I invite you to consider Christ
        orthodoxy. If the Trinity doctrine is merely   afresh with me. Thomas made a lockdown
                                              discovery (Joh 20:26-29). Maybe you’ll make
        ¹ Daniel D. Shutt, “Ancient Errors, Modern
        Examples: Modalism,” Truth & Tidings, August   one too: that Jesus Christ is the key – the key
        2021.                                 to understanding the Trinity.

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