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here are a few pre-pandemic reali-  “His name is Jesus. He’s fully man and
              ties I don’t want to go back to, one   fully God. He came to die on the cross for
        Tof which is a reservation I used to   our sins.”
        have about the doctrine of the Trinity. It’s   “Oh, so you believe in two gods?”
        not that I denied the doctrine, or doubted   “I most certainly do not. Wherever did
        that there were three distinct divine Per-  you get that from?”
        sons. What gave me pause was that the   “Well, first you said God loved me and
        Bible never calls them that – “Persons.”   gave me His Son. And then you told me
        No Bible software I have, not even the   that His Son is Jesus, and He is fully God.
        one I paid for, returns occurrences for “the   So there must be two gods.”
        second and third Persons of the Trinity,”   “Ah, I see your point. Yes, the Father is
        or “God the Son” and “God the Spirit,” for   God, and His Son is God, but there’s still
        that matter. You will search the Scriptures   only one God.”
        in vain to find many other terms (“eco-  “I’m sorry, but that makes no sense to
        nomic Trinity”) and phrases (“There are   me, and I doubt it makes sense to you
        three Persons in one God”) that commonly   either.”
        appear in trinitarian discussions.      “To be honest, the Spirit is God too. You
          Of  course,  the  word  “substitution”   just have to believe it. Are you ready to
        doesn’t occur in the Bible either, but the   trust in Jesus now?”
        truth it reflects is clearly biblical. It is a   Though imaginary, the above dialogue
        joy in evangelism to show unbelievers   illustrates the embarrassment we could
        the truth that Christ died as a substitute   feel about the doctrine of the Trinity. After
        for ungodly sinners. By contrast, isn’t the   a few conversations like this, a Christian
        teaching of the Trinity a cloud for some   can begin to wonder if it isn’t more of a
        of us, a thick fog threatening to obscure   hindrance than a help. One in three and
        the simple gospel, blocking out the light   three in one; wouldn’t we be better off
        of the Son? You give someone a John 3:16:  without such mystifying formulations?
          “Look at this! The Bible says God loves   And if you use an analogy from daily life
        you and gave you His Son!”            to help, even as tantalizing a one as apple
          “The Bible actually says that? Tell me   pie (one pie, three slices), some young the-
        more. Who is this Son?”               ology buff is bound to cry heresy on you.

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