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n the last article we saw that in He-  make an exciting discovery: the design
            brews 3-4, our model preacher is do-  of Scripture – its nature and attributes
        Iing something with Psalm 95 called   – shapes our method of delivery. We
        expository preaching. Recall that this is   should take a “What does the text say?”
        a kind of preaching concerned with what   preaching approach instead of a “What
        the text says, not what we can say about   can I say about the text?” one because the
        it. The text’s content and intent (revealed   Scriptures are…
        by its structure and setting) determine the   Inspired
        content, purpose, and even the shape of   This text the preacher reads, who wrote
        our message. The method is twofold: first   it? A man named David did, according to
        we study the passage expositionally (ask-  4:7. Then again, it wasn’t just David. Our
        ing “What does the text say?”); then we   preacher mentions another author: God
        preach the passage expositionally (asking   Himself was speaking “through David”
        “How do I proclaim and apply what the   by the Holy Spirit (3:7).  If “all Scripture is
        text says?”).                         breathed out by God” through the inspira-
          What. How. Now why. Why would we    tion of the Spirit of God (2Ti 3:16; 2Pe 1:21),
        want to take an expository approach to   who cares what I can say about the text? 2
        teaching and preaching? Is there some-  Authoritative
        thing about the Bible itself that makes
        exposition of it a fitting style of delivery?   It’s appropriate that the words “au-
        Think about a bed-in-a-box, for example.   thor” and “authority” are so similar.  The
        Those who dislike pushy salespeople   authority of a written work rests in who
        and fighting awkward mattresses up the   wrote it.  If I want to learn about a rare
                                              autoimmune disease, I’ll give far more
        stairs can now order a compressed foam   weight to an article by the leading expert
        mattress online and have it delivered in a   on it than to some random guy’s blog post.
        convenient-sized box. Once opened (get it
        in your bedroom first), it begins to expand   And this truth works the other way.
        to its original size. It can be delivered this   What if I’m the one with zero credentials
        way because of its design – it’s a foam   and yet I’m expected to speak with au-
        mattress, not the older innerspring kind.   ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from
        Design determines delivery.           the ESV.
                                              ² “All” Scripture includes the first two chapters
          A remarkable convergence takes place   of Genesis, according to 4:4.
        in Hebrews 3-4. This great preacher gives   ³ It’s tempting to say they’re only an “ity” bit
        a great exposition of a great Bible passage,   different.
                                              ⁴ Timothy Ward, Words of Life: Scripture As the
        and drops comments about the nature of   Living and Active Word of God (Downers Grove,
        Scripture while doing so, enabling us to   IL: IVP Academic, 2009), 128.

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