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he creation of an ordered cosmos,   or wisdom, and a great deliverance was
              with a uniquely prepared earth   achieved. For a number of years, there
        Tfor us, implies divine purpose and   was respite and a measure of recovery
        validates faith in God’s progressive revela-  from idolatry.
        tion of Himself, despite human rebellion   Barak was another hesitant leader,
        and rejection. The Hebrews writer has   unwilling to go without the prophetess
        sketched a panorama of faith in God and   Deborah. Yet through her words from
        His promises from the dawn of human   the Lord and her stirring counsel, he was
        history in individuals and then a nation   brought to action, and the Lord used him
        through whom He will fulfil His ultimate   to deliver His people from Sisera and his
        redemptive purpose toward men. As     iron chariots (“out of weakness were made
        conquering Israel entered its appointed in-  strong,” v34).
        heritance, divine grace received a Rahab.   In the days of Samson, the Israelites
        Great Triumphs of Faith – Divine      were so intimidated under Philistine rule
        Interventions (vv32-35a)              that they never rallied behind him, despite
          The writer pauses and exclaims, “What   his exploits, even handing him over to
        more shall I say? For the time would   his enemies! Samson himself remains a
        fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak and   paradox of supernatural strength through
        Samson and Jephthah, also of David and   Nazarite separation, with the Spirit of the
        Samuel and the prophets” (v32).  The list   Lord upon him but betrayed by his own
        goes on and on; each life of faith is worthy   fleshly weakness. His tragic failure with
        to be remembered and recounted for its   Delilah left him blind and bound (Israel’s
        witness to God’s principles, His power   deliverer? in a Philistine prison?). Yet in
        and His promise.                      his final crisis, he calls upon God. Faith is
          Those mentioned encompass the re-   heard, and more were slain at his death
        mainder of Old Testament history. A   than in his lifetime of exploits. He served
        few comments about each will suffice to   alone, fought God’s enemies alone, and
        remind us that whether in favorable or   died alone (“became valiant ... turned to
        difficult times, faith is essential to victory   flight the armies of the aliens,” v34).
        and pleasing God. Sadly, Israel, in their in-  Jephthah enters the narrative with a
        heritance, quickly abandoned faithfulness   tragic family past, and leaves the record
        to God and were overcome by their en-  with family tragedy haunting him again
        emies. When they cried to God, He raised   (Jdg 11). Returning from exile, he made a
        up judges as deliverers of His people. As   costly vow before the Lord, and the Lord
        a young man, Gideon sought to preserve   granted him victory over the Ammonites,
        what he could for God’s people from the   delivering Israel from their oppression.
        Midianite oppressors. Though hesitant in   There are many examples in the life
        his initial steps of faith, of which his fleece   of David of faith and courage in battle,
        remains a reminder, Gideon was brought   of faith in God in all his extremities and
        to rely upon God alone, not human might   dangers, of faith and love expressed in
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   worship and praise. His faith in God de-
        the NKJV.                             veloped early in life, preparing him to be

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