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our forgiveness and the expansiveness   me nothing” (2Sa 24:24 ESV). True wor-
        of Christ’s grace to us, the more we will   ship to God is costly; it requires us to give
        love Christ. If we, like Simon, fail to   our lives to God (Rom 12:1), our material
        appreciate the depth of our salvation,   resources for His work (Php 4:18), and the
        our worship of Christ will be stunted.    continual praise of our lips (Heb 13:15).

        Worship Is Not the Basis of         True Worship Requires Humility
        Forgiveness But the Result            This woman doesn’t think of herself. By
          Her worship was due to her apprecia-  washing Christ’s feet with her tears and
        tion that her sins were already forgiven,   her hair, she is performing tasks typically
        not the means of her forgiveness. The   assigned to the lowest slave. She lets down
        Lord said, “Your faith has saved you,”   her hair in complete disregard for normal
        not her acts of devotion. The tense of the   customs in order to wipe the feet of the Lord.
        word “forgiven” (v48) implies her sins   Her deep humility is obvious as she kisses
        had already been forgiven in the past.   His feet. Worship should never be about
        Her actions reveal a heart that knew it   ourselves or about impressing others, like
        had already been forgiven.          the Pharisees praying on the street corner.
                                            By her actions, this woman demonstrates
        Worship Is Purposeful               that a true worshipper thinks only of Christ.
          Notice that when  she  learned of   She enters the house of Simon, a man known
        Christ’s presence, she came to where   for his religious piety, where she knew she
        He was. She took the initiative. It was   wouldn’t be welcomed. She was prepared
        not something the Lord commanded;   to endure the scorn of this wealthy man to
        rather it was a response of her heart.   honor her Lord. In the attitude of Simon, we
        She came with purpose and she didn’t   can see that religion has no appreciation of
        come empty-handed. She brought per-  true devotion.
        fume to pour out on Christ. Moreover,
        she had purchased the perfume earlier   Genuine Worship Affects the
        and was prepared for the opportunity   Whole Person
        when it came.
                                              Here the woman’s heart and soul are laid
        Worship Is Costly                   bare. Her tears overflow as she beholds her
          She brought an “alabaster flask of   Lord who has forgiven her. Worship is one
        perfume.” We are not told the value of   of the few things which we, as human crea-
        her offering, but it would have been ex-  tures, do that involves our body, soul and
        pensive for her. She demonstrated that   spirit. We worship in spirit but it touches our
        true worship for God requires time and   souls. We worship in truth with minds fully
        cost to prepare. The Psalmist wrote, “My   engaged. We eat and drink the bread and
        heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of   wine at the Lord’s Supper with our bodies
        the things which I have made touching   while we offer spiritual songs and praise to
        the king” (Psa 45:1 KJV). David insisted   God. Worship is what we were created for!
        on purchasing sacrifices to offer to the   Let us be challenged by the devotion of
        Lord, saying, “I will not offer burnt of-  this unnamed woman to give to God and
        ferings to the LORD my God that cost   Christ the worship they deserve.

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