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“Thou shalt not take the name of the   pound names such as Jehovah-jireh, the
        Lord thy God in vain.”                Lord will provide; Jehovah-rohi, the Lord
          God has many names that are revealed   is my shepherd; and Jehovah-tsidkenu, the
        throughout the Scriptures. These express   Lord our righteousness. Christians take
        His essential character and they should   comfort in the knowledge that God fulfills
        command our reverence and respect.    all of these roles and more. He has not
        The Glory of His Name                 changed in His love and care for His own.
          Two common Old Testament terms for    In the Psalms, the songbook of Israel, are
        God are “Elohim” and “Jehovah.” The first   found many expressions in praise of God’s
                                              name: “O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is
        of these denotes that God is the self-ex-  thy name in all the earth!” (8:1); “I will be
        isting and sovereign Creator; the second,   glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise
        that He is the covenant-keeping Lord in   to thy name, O thou most High” (9:2);
        relation to His people (Gen 1:1; 2:7).  “Holy and reverend is his name” (111:9).
          There was a progression in the rev-
        elation of divine names throughout the   The Misuse of His Name
        Scriptures. After Jacob wrestled with the   The misuse of any name of God, or of
        angel of the Lord at Peniel and had his   His Son, is a shameful thing and dishonors
        name changed for the better, from Jacob   Him. The Bible text of this command-
        (supplanter) to Israel (prince with God),   ment is extended to remind the readers
        he was bold enough to ask the angel His   and hearers that God takes note of those
        name. A reply was not given, at least on   who are guilty of using profanity. He will
        that occasion (Gen 32:29). Later, God ex-  uphold the honor of His name and judge
        plained to Moses, “I appeared unto Abra-  those who flout His laws.
        ham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the   His name may be uttered formally, as
        name of God Almighty, but by my name   when taking a legal oath to tell the truth.
        Jehovah was I not known to them” (Exo   The courtroom witness who takes the oath
        6:3).  They had witnessed His almighty   and then proceeds to lie before the judge
        power as El Shaddai, but the text implies   and jury has broken this commandment.
        that the covenant-keeping aspect of God’s   More  commonly,  God’s  name  is  used
        character was not yet fully realized.   casually and offensively in everyday
          Elohim and Jehovah are reflected    speech. Swearing, in this instance, is done
        through the Scriptures in names that end   unthinkingly and soon becomes a habit. It
        with the letters “-el” and “-ah,” or “-iel”   is intended, somehow, to add emphasis to
        and “-iah” (e.g., Joel, Micah, Daniel and   what is being said and to express strong
        Isaiah). These form the basis of other com-  emotions such as shock or anger. It is an
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   affront to the God of heaven.
        the KJV.                                The Christian should never need to

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