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ivine revelation makes faith in   single command from the lips of Christ
               God possible. The more revela-  was all that his ailing servant needed – and
        Dtion given to us, the more faith     he was right.
        God expects in us. The disciples of Jesus   Just as only the Magi from the East
        were among the most privileged people   sought out the recently born King while
        who have lived. They not only heard the   the leaders of the nation discussed their
        claims of the Incarnate Son of God, but   empty theology in Jerusalem, so a Gentile
        they also witnessed the countless miracles   woman from the North exposed the small-
        which proved those claims to be true. And   ness of the faith of those who followed
        yet the Lord had to chide them for their   Christ (Matthew 15:21-28). How she got
        lack of faith in Him. The nation as a whole   her knowledge of Christ we cannot tell.
        was even worse. They had Moses and the   Yet we do know that whatever record she
        Prophets to guide them to their true Mes-  had heard, she believed it completely. She
        siah, yet they did not know Him in their   came to Christ and called Him Lord. She
        midst. So it was that when the Son of Man   declared He was that Son of David the
        came to earth the first time, He found very   Jews were hoping for. Great faith is faith
        little faith.                         that accepts all the revelation God gives
          There were, of course, noble exceptions,   us. How much faith must God expect in
        even from among the Gentiles. There   us Gentiles to whom the completed Scrip-
        was the Samaritan woman who, when     tures are entrusted?
        confronted with the uncanny perception   It was out of desperation that this
        of this unknown Jew, quickly perceived   woman came to Jesus because her daugh-
        that she was in the presence of One greater   ter was hopelessly held by a demon. How
        than Jacob. Also, the centurion in Caper-  could she explain to others the dark force
        naum recognized the greater authority of   that dominated her girl? Physical illness
        this Rabbi in common clothes. So mag-  often disfigures the body, but demonic
        nificent was the other-worldly majesty of   captivity distorts the soul. Every evil pas-
        this new expounder of the law that the   sion within the girl was being provoked
        centurion felt his home was unworthy   and magnified, and the fell grip of sin
        of such a guest. He was convinced that a   would not let her go. As rumors drifted

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