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alvary. The word is found only   Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief
               once in Scripture,  and most of us   priests and unto the scribes, and they shall
        Chave never visited the actual site.   condemn him to death” (Mat 20:18).  He
        But it is undoubtedly the most frequented   told them Jerusalem would be the place
        place on earth in our meditations. Hardly   of  His  death,  the  very  location  where
        a day passes without thinking about our   decades prior His parents had presented
        Savior and “the place, which is called   Him to the Lord with the proper accompa-
        Calvary,” where “they crucified Him”   nying sacrifice (Luk 2:22-24). In Jerusalem
        (Luk 23:33).                          again, He would present Himself to the
          No matter how many times we read the   Lord, not with an accompanying sacrifice,
        Gospel narratives describing the final days   but as a sacrifice, offered up to take our
        of our Lord Jesus Christ, His willingness   sins away.
        to go all the way to Calvary astounds us   Jesus also spoke about the perpetrators
        again. That Calvary and His approaching   of His death. The Jewish leaders had been
        death there were constantly on His mind   plotting His death for some time, and
        is evident from the many predictions   our Lord named them in His predictions
        He made. Some of these were clearly   (elders, chief priests, scribes). But not
        stated, others given in pictures, and one   having power themselves to carry out
        expressed in the form of a heartbreaking   the death penalty, they were forced to
        parable.                              take their case against Jesus to the Roman
                                              authorities. Pontius Pilate, the governor of
        Plain Predictions                     the Roman province of Judaea, eventually
          Our Savior plainly foretold the place   granted them permission to crucify Jesus
        of His death. He informed His disciples,   (Joh 19:16). Our Savior predicted Gentile
        “Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the   involvement in His death – “he shall be de-
        ¹ “Calvary” is from the late Latin calvaria   livered unto the Gentiles … and they shall
        (“skull”) translation of the Greek Golgotha   ² All Scripture quotations in this article are from
        (“place of a skull”).                 the KJV unless otherwise noted.
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