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“Thou shalt not make unto thee any    verse He created. He has revealed Himself
        graven image.”                        to His creatures through His Word and
          The second commandment was am-      He is interested in their welfare. He has
        plified more than the other nine. There   intervened in man’s history; in fact, He
        were solemn obligations related to it, in   is in control of it and is working out His
        keeping with the character of God – He   purposes according to the good pleasure
        is jealous in His love and concern for His   of His will.
        own. Blessings or judgement would fol-  No physical representation could ever
        low, depending on a person’s response to   do justice to God’s greatness and majesty.
        this command.                         An image or fabricated idol would limit
          Disobedience would produce a bitter   the truth rather than fully expressing it.
        harvest among succeeding generations.   However, the brightness of God’s essential
        Children would not be held directly re-  glory was glimpsed from time to time. Mo-
        sponsible for the actions of their father and   ses had to be covered and protected from
        mother (Deu 24:16), but they might suffer   seeing the full blaze of it (Exo 33:22-23).
        indirectly  because  of  God’s  discipline   In the tabernacle and the temple, al-
        upon the parents. The worst outcome   though there was no visible depiction of
        would occur if the children followed their   God, His glory was there. He dwelt be-
        parents’ bad example. The severity of this   tween the cherubim above the mercy seat
        statement – judgement affecting a third or   (Exo 25:22; 1Sa 4:4). When the high priest
        fourth generation – is countered by the   entered the Holy of Holies, he burned
        truth of God’s mercy being extended for   incense to produce a cloud that shielded
        a thousand generations.               him from the dazzling sight; otherwise,
        The Greatness of God                  he would face certain death (Lev 16:13).
          The Bible teaches that God is a spirit   A pillar of cloud, signifying God’s pres-
        and He must be worshipped in spirit and   ence, led the Israelites by day through the
        in truth (Joh 4:24). He does not have a   wilderness; at night, it appeared as a pillar
        physical form. When the Scriptures refer   of fire. It was visible but must have been
        to Him, using such terms as His eyes, ears   dimmed; otherwise the people could not
        and hands, they are seeking to convey   have looked upon it directly.
        the truth that God sees and knows, and   After Moses had been called to the top
        He hears and acts. He is omnipresent,   of Mount Sinai to receive the command-
        omniscient and omnipotent.            ments of the law, the people waiting below
          God is without beginning and without   became impatient and restive. They per-
        end. He is outside the time-space-matter   suaded Aaron to make them a golden calf.
        framework of the universe. He is before,   Their subsequent behavior was not unlike
        above, and beyond it, the self-existent and   the degenerate and immoral veneration
        eternal God. And yet, the Bible expresses   of false idols they would have witnessed
        His purposeful involvement in the uni-  in Egypt. It had little to do with anything

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