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very young person who hungers   were teachable. Their differences did not
              and thirsts for the Lord and a mean-  hinder them from being “like-minded”
        Eingful life of service needs to be   faithful workers whose labors for the Lord
        ready to accept the person the Lord sends   were blended by the Lord.
        to mentor them. They may not be the per-
        son you would choose, but will be the one   Needed: A Servant’s Heart
        whom the Lord knows you need (servants   Timothy was willing to serve Paul (Act
        of God who are focused on the gospel are   19:22). We serve God by serving people.
        usually highly motivated people and may   You may be asked by a mentor to do
        have a soft heart under a crusty exterior).   simple tasks that you think are beneath
        Accept their affection and interest as it is   your dignity, and shortly after, be asked
        given, not necessarily as you would expect   to do a work that seems to be beyond your
        or like it. Before the Lord, commit yourself   capacity. You are being tested not only
        to staying the course, even though the   regarding your skill and adaptability, but
        mentor’s personality and practices may   also your attitude and commitment. By
        be much different from yours. They’ve   doing the simple things and not complain-
        been on the road longer and have learned   ing, by asking questions when you don’t
        both through study of the Word of God   know what to do, the mentor learns your
        and practical experience what works and   character, and understands you know
        doesn’t work in different situations and   your own limitations.
          One cannot imagine two more different   Needed: An Available
        personalities than Paul and Timothy. One   Companion
        was bold and open right from the begin-
        ning of his Christian life, and the other   By being available to Paul at the be-
        more retiring and inclined toward being a   ginning of his ministry, Timothy was
        timid witness. Yet, as we follow their lives   satisfied to work with others who had
        in the service of the Lord, we find that the   different abilities and gifts (Act 20:4). He
        things they had in common are the things   learned the value of other people and their
        that count. Both men had the heart of a   thoughts as they engaged in the practi-
        servant, were available to the Lord and   cal side of the Lord’s work. Refrain from

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