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the fish and gave them to the disciples to   The physical distance indicates no dis-
        distribute to the people. They “did all eat,   interest on the Lord’s part. He was on the
        and were filled” (v42). The inadequate,   mountain “to pray” (v46), and while there,
        tiny provision gathered up by the dis-  “he saw them toiling in rowing” (v48). He
        ciples had been multiplied in divine hands   was cognisant of their struggles. As they
        to satisfy thousands.                 inched their way across the sea against an
          However, the provision made was not   opposing wind, His eye was upon them.
        merely sufficient – it was abundant. After   In the very early morning, when they
        the meal was complete, “they took up   were exhausted from their toil, the Lord
        twelve baskets full of the fragments, and   “cometh unto them, walking upon the sea,
        of the fishes” (v43).                 and would have passed by them” (v48).
          If we only had our scant resources,   Why would He have “passed by them”?
        whether spiritual or material, to satisfy the   Walking upon the waves revealed His
        world’s need, we must say as the disciples   power over the waves. Making unim-
        did, “Send them away.” However, there   peded progress against the wind showed
        are limitless resources available. Paul,   His power over the wind. The disciples
        responding to the kindness of the Philip-  were struggling against an opposing force,
        pians, said, “My God shall supply all your   but the Lord was not similarly affected.
        need according to his riches in glory by   He “would have passed by them” (v48).
        Christ Jesus” (Php 4:19).               Glimpsing a figure upon the sea, they
          These disciples not only had five loaves   cried out in terror, supposing it to be a
        and two fish – they had the Lord. Their   “spirit.” The Lord calmed their fears, “Be
        want could be more than offset by His   of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid” (v50).
        provision. And the Lord is still the same.   The Lord’s form of words indicates that
        Place anything into His hands and He can   this was a claim to deity. The Man who
        multiply it to the blessing of multitudes.   pitied them was the God with power to
          What a contrast is here indicated be-  aid them. He “went up unto them into the
        tween Herod and the Lord. At Herod’s   ship; and the wind ceased” (v51). Their
        feast in the palace there was cruelty, self-  amazement and wonder knew no bounds.
        gratification and murder. At the Lord’s   He who provides for us in our wants
        feast in the desert there was compassion,   prays for us in our weakness. Not only so,
        self-sacrifice and life-sustaining provision.
        How blessed to be associated with the true   but the problems we face are no problems
                                              to Him. He walked upon the waves and
        Servant-King. We now look briefly at:  He progressed against the wind. May
        The Lord’s Prayer and Power (vv45-52)  we, while acknowledging our weariness,
          All needs having been met, the disciples   wants and weaknesses, not forget that the
        were sent “to the other side” and the   Lord is able for every trial we face.
        people were “sent away” (v45). The Lord         Every tear, every care,
        “departed into a mountain” (v46), and a      He’s promised He will share.
        physical distance was created between
        Him and His disciples. They were in the   And although He’s the Lord of all glory,
        midst of the sea, and He was alone on        Yet He’s only a prayer away. 2
        the land.                             ² Len Magee

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