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he Lord knows. In the conflict of   of God’s Word could the spiritual appetite
              service, this gives great comfort.   of the crowd be met.
        THe understands our emotional           Afterward, “the day was now far spent”
        weariness (6:30-32). He knows our mate-  (v35), and another need became apparent.
        rial wants (vv33-44). He knows our physi-  The disciples turned to the Lord, “This is
        cal weakness (vv45-52).               a desolate place, and the hour is now late.
          In our weariness we have His Pity; in   Send them away to go into the surround-
        our wants we have His Provision; in our   ing countryside and villages and buy
        weakness we have His Prayers and Power.   themselves something to eat” (vv35-36
        In our previous article we considered the   ESV). This seemed a wise course of action.
        Lord’s Pity. We turn now to:            However, the Lord’s response to the
        The Lord’s Provision (vv33-44)        physical appetite of the crowd was very
          A multitude, witnessing the Lord’s de-  similar to His response to their spiritual
        parture with His disciples, ran “on foot   need. He instructed His disciples, “Give
        from all the towns and got there ahead   ye them to eat” (v37). They protested that
        of them” (v33 ESV). The Lord arrived on   it would take the most of a year’s wages
        the shore to see a large crowd awaiting   to feed a crowd in excess of 5000 people.
        Him. Rather than being irritated at this   The  Lord  asked  for  specifics:  “How
        inconvenience, He “was moved with     many loaves have ye? Go and see.” They
        compassion toward them, because they   investigated and returned: “Five, and two
        were as sheep not having a shepherd”   fishes” (v38). Their response told a story
        (v34).  He did not complain about the   of complete insufficiency. It would be
        loss of downtime. Always occupied with   impossible by any human means to feed
        the needs of others, He yearned for the   so many with so little.
        blessing of people whom He knew to be   However, the Lord remained unfazed.
        shepherd-less, without purpose, provi-  He “commanded them to make all sit
        sion and protection. Recognising their   down by companies upon the green
        spiritual need, “he began to teach them   grass” (v39). Taking the loaves and fish,
        many things” (v34). Only by the teaching   He looked to heaven, acknowledging the
        ¹ This and all remaining Scripture quotations   divine source of the provision, and gave
        are from the KJV unless otherwise noted.  thanks. He then divided the loaves and

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