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“      nd have mercy on some, who are   – and Thomas’ doubts were over.
               doubting” (Jud 22 NASB).         John the Baptist was also treated tender-
        A It is surprising how many           ly. The last of the Old Testament prophets,
        notable figures in the Bible had doubts.   he was the forerunner of the Messiah and
        Abraham  and  Sarah  initially  doubted   pointed Him out as the Lamb of God. But
        God’s promise that they would have a   soon, after standing for righteousness,
        child in their old age. Moses doubted that   he found himself in prison, facing death
        he was really the man to lead Israel; and   and doubting the very Messiah he had
        after he died, so did his successor, Joshua.   declared. Jesus kindly sent His disciples
        Gideon doubted that he could defeat the   to the prison to reassure John. How? The
        enemy with his small band of men. Mary   OT Scriptures he knew so well had been
        and Martha doubted that the Savior could   perfectly fulfilled by Jesus of Nazareth.
        raise their dead brother. Many others   His doubts were hushed by the truth of
        struggled as well with doubts.        God’s Word.
          Many famous Christians through the    Doubts arise in the human mind. They
        years have battled doubts, including C.H.   may occur in those with tender conscienc-
        Spurgeon, Martin Luther and C.S. Lewis.  es, those with overactive minds, those
          In the KJV translation of Jude verse 22   given to imagination, those who have a
        (“and of some have compassion, making   tendency to overthink, or those who spend
        a difference”), we may completely miss   a lot of time in self-introspection. One of
        what the apostle is teaching. The fact that   the first cures for doubts is to anchor the
        he is really teaching that some Christians   mind in God’s Word, as this is directly
        truly have doubts (see NASB above), and   mentioned in several passages (memorize
        that others can be a help to them and must   2Co 10:5; Php 4:6-8; Isa 26:3-4).
        show compassion to them, should be reas-  In many cases, the believer does not
        suring to such believers. This is confirmed   doubt God or His Word. The doubts are
        by many other translations.           centered around personal faith.  Did I
          This is how the Lord Jesus treated two   believe the right way? Did I believe enough?
        of the more famous “doubters.” Thomas   Could it really be that simple? The more
        refused to believe the other disciples who   time believers  spend  second-guessing
        told him that they had seen the risen Sav-  their own faith, the more miserable they
        ior. It was a week later that, even while   will become. Instead, understand that
        voicing his doubts to the Lord Jesus, he   the faith required for God’s salvation is a
        had a life-changing revelation. The Lord   simple one – the Bible calls it “child-like.”
        gently showed him the wounds of Calvary   Salvation is not based on any degree of

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