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will repel all such and bountifully provide   fident that his Shepherd would continue
        for His flock.                        to imbue his life with “goodness and mer-
          As believers, we are “in the midst of a   cy.” His experience of God’s faithfulness
        crooked and perverse nation” (Php 2:15),   inspired such confidence, a conviction
        and everything militates against spiritual   that was not misplaced. At life’s sunset
        growth and godly living, but our Shep-  he acknowledged, “Now [I] am old,” and
        herd spreads a table, so that lambs can   looking back from that vantage point he
        enjoy the milk of the Word and mature   declared, “yet have I not seen the righ-
        sheep can feast on “strong meat” (Heb   teous forsaken” (Psa 37:25). Let us have
        5:12-14).                             the same assurance for “the life that now
          Shepherds today must be alert to the ac-  is.” With all its twists and turns, divine
        tivities of enemies, the “grievous wolves”   grace will attend our way – “My grace is
        (Act 20:29). Ensure that the flock’s spiritual   sufficient for thee” (2Co 12:9). Shepherds
        diet is such that they will be well fortified   can motivate the flock by constantly re-
        against any self-seeking “teacher” whose   hearsing their confidence in a God whose
        agenda is to move away from the simple   past faithfulness stimulates assurance for
        biblical pattern that governs both personal   the rest of life’s journey.
        and assembly life.                      “That Which Is To Come”
          Fullness Dispensed
          With the head anointed to soothe the   Eternity! “The house of the Lord” will
        lacerations or bruises of the day, every   be “for ever.” Pleasant visits to green
        need has been bountifully met; the cup   pastures and still waters will all be his-
        overflows (v5). This Shepherd “giveth to   tory. Never again will failure require
        all men liberally” (Jas 1:5); He is “the liv-  restoration. The last dark valley will have
        ing God, who giveth us richly all things   been navigated. Enemies will no longer
        to enjoy” (1Ti 6:17); everything He does   unnerve us. Let us lift up our heads; “my
        is unstinting. The “cup of salvation” of   Father’s house” beckons (Joh 14:2). One
        Psalm 116:13 is the cup of satisfaction of   by one, the sheep are being called home,
        Psalm 23:5. The God who saves is the God   but soon the trumpet will sound, and to-
        who satisfies (Psa 107:9,13). “Saved and   gether we will all be summoned to meet
        satisfied” was heard often from a former   the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, and for
        generation!                           the first time, the “one flock” will be in the
          Dear brethren who lead, soothe any   one place at the one time. What a glorious
        injured believers with the oil of a Spirit-  day that will be!
        directed ministry. Aim to produce con-  Shepherds, keep that prospect promi-
        tented sheep, people who appreciate   nent. The zeal of the Thessalonians was
        the overflowing cup, seeing themselves   fueled by “hope in our Lord Jesus Christ”
        blessed with salvation, but also honored   (1Th 1:3). In your curriculum of assem-
        by involvement in God’s testimony to a   bly teaching, incorporate the important
        wicked world.                         issues of future events, including this:
        The Prospect of the Sheep             the expectation of the bliss of being with
          “The Life That Now Is”              Him and like Him forever, at home in the
          Anticipating the future, David was con-  Father’s house.

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