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esidents of a Christian care home   protected, and it mirrored the Lord’s pro-
              gathered for a service and were   vision of spiritual sustenance and safety
        Rasked to turn to Psalm 23. Every-    for His people.
        one heard the “whispered” Oh no! Not   The Provision for the Sheep
        again! I write that tongue-in-cheek because   David rejoiced in his personal relation-
        despite its familiarity, myriads have ben-  ship with Jehovah, “my shepherd.” The
        efitted from the content and comfort of   sense of belonging was sweet, and the Sav-
        this psalm. Although you know it well,   ior encouraged that mindset, referring to
        you have kindly overcome the inclination   “my sheep” (Joh 10:14,26,27); we are His.
        to skip over this article. I promise nothing   Sheep are rarely found singly, although
        new, except to try to tailor the teaching   a true shepherd cares for each of them
        to the theme of this month’s publication,   individually. The shepherd of the parable
        and show how present-day shepherds in   said, “I have found my sheep which was
        God’s assembly can handle various issues   lost” (Luk 15:6). However, the thought of a
        affecting the flock and minister to them.  flock is a familiar Bible concept. The Lord
          At the very place where shepherds   Jesus likened the whole Church to a flock.
        heard of the Savior’s birth, David had   Some originate in the fold of Judaism,
        pondered a day in his life as a shepherd.   and there are the others who are “not of
        He had fed, led, watered and protected   this fold.” They, too, have been brought,
        his sheep until the lengthening shadows   and together have “become one flock,
        saw them gathered home. Here was a    one shepherd” (Joh 10:16 RV), the “one
        comprehensive picture of divine care, and   new man” of Ephesians 2:15, the Church
        so he wrote Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my   comprised of converted Jews and Gentiles.
        shepherd.”  David provided, and David   Referring to the local assembly, a di-
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   minutive of the word flock is used, the
        the KJV unless otherwise noted.       little flock, (e.g., Act 20:28; 1Pe 5:2). The

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