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aul mentored many people, know-  ally know each other when we share our
              ing that every person is different.   life and load. Effectiveness in leadership
        PSome mentoring is intensive and      is not an accident; it is the result of good
        some is general. Under the teaching of the   preparation and a willingness to encour-
        Holy Spirit, he had received a unique un-  age others.
        derstanding of the gospel and the Church.
        His intellect, call and training gave him   Paul’s Practical Ministry
        wisdom to counsel and guide others.     A mentor must continually expose
        Mentoring involves bearing burdens so   those he mentors to the Word of God.
        others learn how to handle leadership.   People only get a little at any one time.
        One challenge facing mentors is to replace   Commitment to prayer is often learned
        themselves with other leaders. First Thes-  by praying out loud together. Account-
        salonians provides a good textbook for   ability of both the mentor and ones being
        general mentoring.
                                              mentored includes trust and speaking the
        Paul’s Parenting                      truth. The mentor has the responsibility
          Paul included others in his labors for the   to give biblical counsel. Teaching by the
        Lord. Loving, feeding and training others   mentor must be meaningful, manageable
                                              and measurable. The mentor who patterns
        is a mentor’s parental responsibility (1Co
        4:15). Motivation for people who need   his life by the example of the Lord Jesus
        mentoring comes when we include them   will definitely have a positive effect on
        in our work, demonstrating by our walk   those he mentors.
        what we teach. To reach the heart of one   Paul’s Passion
        we mentor, we have to give our heart with
        transparency and commit ourselves to go   Paul was passionate about evangelism,
        beyond mediocrity.                    living Christ, furthering His kingdom, and
                                              the fact of the Lord’s return (1Th 1:5-10).
        Paul’s Pacesetting                    The Lord didn’t waste Paul’s background,
          Paul included Silas and Timothy as   citizenship, training, intelligence and
        participants in the teaching he gave the   character. God knows us and what we
        Thessalonians (1Th 1:1-5). Teamwork is   are capable of doing. Paul recognized
        a valuable asset in mentoring because   Timothy as a “true child” in the faith. A
        those being mentored receive strength in   right attitude and a positive outlook on the
        the fellowship of learning to work with   things of God stir a mentor to give his best
        others. If one doesn’t live what they learn,   to teach, guide and follow up with the one
        they cannot lead effectively. We only re-  being mentored.

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