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own salvation. And even now that you   calls her. Jairus wasn’t the only man with
        are saved, the needs of the children (for   a daughter to be healed.
        example) can sometimes wait while you   And like  all  Christ’s  true  spiritual
        go get a touch of Christ.             family, the Mark Five Woman becomes
        Her Trembling Testimony               a woman of the Word. She was saved
                                              by the Word (her faith came by hearing
          “She  felt  in  her  body  that  she  was   the reports about Jesus, verse 27), and
        healed” (5:29).  Faith’s expectations were   was assured by the Word (her assurance
        met. The crowd had provided her cover,   rested not only on the inward experience
        and she and she alone had felt that touch.   of her healing but also on the objective
        But suddenly Christ turned around. “Who   Word of Christ). And you will be a Mark
        touched my garments?” he asked (5:30).   Five Woman, not by posting your picture-
        Peter and the disciples began to berate the   perfect devotions on Instagram, but by
        Lord, perhaps to the woman’s temporary   daily rehearsing Christ’s words to you, “I
        relief. To them, the question seemed non-  am His, and He is mine.” No matter how
        sensical. Everyone was touching Christ!   short-squeezed your prayer time is, hear
        But the Lord persisted, searching each   His words as you get up, “Go in peace.”
        quiet face until “the woman, knowing
        what had happened to her, came in fear   A Teacher of Teachers
        and trembling and fell down before him
        and told him the whole truth” (5:33). She   Mark has a penchant for story sand-
        hadn’t wanted to. She had tried to avoid   wiches where one story delays the ending
        it. And when she did do it, it was with fear   of another. What flavor is he wanting this
        and trembling. But by the Lord’s grace, the   healing story to add to the Jairus story?
        whole truth came tumbling out.        The connections are too many to cover at
          Some of us aren’t very bold evangelists.   the end of this article, but you can trace
        When an opportunity comes, we try to   for yourself how the theme of faith and
        hide too. Let’s learn to pray: “Lord, don’t   fear keeps this “sandwich” (and the whole
        let me get away with it. Make me have to   section of Mark 4:35 to 6:6) together. Chew
        say it, the whole truth, even with a shaky   on it. Here’s just a taste.
        voice.”                                 When Jesus turns to the now-bereaved
                                              Jairus and tells him to believe and not
        A Woman of the Word                   fear, He’s saying: “Believe in Me, just like
          The Lord is so gracious! Out of the   the Mark Five Woman did.” Her “selfish”
        abundance of His gentle heart His mouth   faith may have made the Doctor late, but
        speaks: “Daughter, your faith has made   if Jairus will listen to her trembling tes-
        you well; go in peace, and be healed of   timony and imitate her faith, it will not
        your disease” (5:34). His determination   be too late, even though his daughter is
        to  find who  touched Him  was  not  to   dead. Yes, Jairus now has nothing too. But
        reprimand her but to reassure her! His   his daughter will become a woman of the
        words reinstate her into the community   Word: “Little lady,” she’ll hear,  “I say to
        and establish her in His. “Daughter,” he   you, arise.”
        ³ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   ⁴ James Edwards’ translation. I’m indebted to
        the ESV.                              Edwards for this last point.

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