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his final installment of our review   picture, she is nourished and cherished
              of the Song of Songs as an alle-  by Solomon in the way Christ loves the
        Tgory of the relationship between     Church (Eph 5:25-27,29).
        the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church    The first few verses of this summary
        stands apart from the others. The last   remind us of her earlier innocent long-
        step down in the chiastic poem, chapter   ing for a relationship with him: “Oh, that
        8 summarizes the beauty seen in the pre-  he would kiss me with the kisses of his
        vious chapters and binds together many   mouth!” (SoS 1:2 HCSB). From their first
        thoughts expressed throughout the book.   meeting, she was ever in love with him,
        It is the happily ever after with the lover   with purity. Now, his forever bride, she
        of our souls!                         enjoys a holy relationship untarnished by
          Joined eternally with her loving bride-  sin or shame. “I would find you in public
        groom, the bride pauses for a moment at   and kiss you, and no one would scorn me”
        the end of the Song to look over her new   (SoS 8:1 HCSB). Dear believer, this is the
        life of fruitful service to Him. In my mind,   great mystery of Christ and the Church.
        she pauses on a sunlit rooftop veranda in   Everything we were created to be in Eden,
        the center of his vineyard. The light is soft   everything sin ruined, is met and fulfilled
        and peaceful. There are flowers climbing   beyond our comprehension in our eternal
        strong limestone columns. She looks out   relationship with His person!
        over verdant hills, wanting for nothing.   She recalls his arrival in the vineyard
        He has provided for her every need. Her   on their wedding day: “Who is this that
        spirit, her soul and her person are fully   cometh up from the wilderness, leaning
        satisfied and sanctified with him. Clean   on her beloved?” ask her attendants (SoS
        and bright, she wears his glory. A perfect   8:5 KJV). Thoughts of their engagement

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