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“The Glorious Garment of Joseph”                   which Thou gavest Me to do. And now, O
              might have been emblazoned in        Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own self
              large font atop the fashion section  with the glory which I had with Thee before
              of the Shechem Times. In smaller     the world was” (vv4-5). If this second gar-
  print below, Reuben might have questioned        ment of Genesis provides a picture of Christ,
  the cost and excess displayed in such a coat.    then it is the first garment of Genesis which
  Judah might have gone so far as to suggest       pictures our spiritual attire. Adam and Eve
  that there should be regulations against such    discarded their feeble, hand-woven fig leaves
  glorious attire. None of the details imagined    as they left the garden wearing the garments
  above are recorded for us in the biblical ac-    God had provided. Similarly, you and I have
  count, but rather the simple truth that there    been clothed with the garments of salvation,
  was a father (Jacob) who wished to honor his     and, since we have been given such glorious
  well-loved son (Joseph). Perhaps Jacob           spiritual attire, we might question what
  should have considered the feelings of his       should characterize our earthly clothing. As
  other sons and the unintended consequences       Adam and Eve entered a post-Edenic world
  that might result given their jealous hearts     of fashion, so you and I must ask, as believers
  and questionable character. However, this        in a physical world, how ought we to dress
  glorious garment of Genesis, rather than giv-    ourselves?
  ing us direction and understanding as to our
  personal attire, instead provides a patriarchal      We might naturally be inclined to answer
  picture of the glory that the Father has given   such a question by providing a list of per-
  to the Son. The prayer of the Son in John 17     sonal preferences, sprinkled with tradition
  speaks clearly of His glory: “I have glorified   and mingled with a measure of personal con-
  Thee on the earth: I have finished the work      viction. Yet, my personal preference is of no
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