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arl Payne was in his late twenties   He was willing right from the start of
               when in August 1960, the gospel   his Christian life to help out in the work of
        Cboat, “M.G.M.,” tied up at a wharf   the gospel when he could. Annie was right
        in Parsons Pond, Newfoundland. Carl   with him in that desire. In 1967 he assisted
        heard the gospel preached in the open   in the beginning of the work in Temple-
        air from the deck of the boat and then in   man, and from then on was involved in
        a rented building. One night in the first   the work of the Lord in other places. He
        week of September, thinking of himself   was commended to full-time service in the
        in the words of the Lord Jesus, “I came   Lord’s work in 1970.
        not to call the righteous, but sinners to   Matthew 9:36-37 is very clear when
        repentance,” Carl admitted he was the   the Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples
        one Christ came to save. Sitting on the side   to pray for laborers to be sent forth into
        of his bed in the dark, he said to himself,   the harvest. Carl Payne was a laborer. He
        and to the Lord, “Jesus came to die for   sawed lumber for building gospel halls
        bad people. That’s me. Then that means   and other building projects. He assembled
        He died for me!”                      thousands of Kember texts in the sawmill
          He was the first one saved in meetings   building he made for the work of the Lord.
        there, but soon after, his wife Annie, his   Those texts were distributed all over New-
        father and brother, and many others of his   foundland and Labrador. He drove a bus
        family connections were saved and were   to pick up people for meetings, preached
        part of the new assembly at Parsons Pond   the gospel, and then took them home after
        when the breaking of bread was first held   the meeting. He was involved in outreach
        there in December 1961. They had never   work in many parts of the province, and
        seen a breaking of bread until they par-  people in some of those places became
        ticipated in it, and it had a profound effect   part of newly formed scripturally gath-
        on Carl. From then on, he was committed   ered assemblies.
        to the Scriptures, to the gospel and to the   One of his major commitments in the
        assemblies of God’s people.           work of the Lord was to open-air preach-

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