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reviously  in  this  series  we   The future bride is enamored with the
              summarized the Song of Solomon   figure and character of Solomon. He is
        Pas an allegory of the relationship   her delight, his person pouring into each
        between the Lord Jesus Christ and His   moment of her life and accenting every
        Church. All believers saved by the grace   thought with a subtle delicious fragrance.
        of God through the blood of Jesus Christ   He satisfies her beyond imagination. A
        are added, or built into the living Church,   thousand times a day she wonders, “What
        by the Lord Jesus Himself (Mat 16:18).   would Solomon think of this? Would it
        It is not a physical building. Being part   make him happy?” She longs to be with
        of the Church is not a reward granted   him (SoS 1:4). We would each do well to
        by overseers, nor is inclusion due to   rekindle the young love that once burned
        personal dedication on your part or mine.   in our hearts after meeting our Savior, the
        The Church is a beautiful relationship   Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps you’re long into
        gathered to Christ, initiated and fostered   your relationship with Him by now. The
        in love by Him at salvation. Ephesians   words, responsibilities and routines are
        5:22-33 unfolds this truth in the language   well practiced and worn for some in the
        of  marriage,  and it is  reflected in the   Church. After so many anniversaries with
                                              Christ, do we still ask what pleases Him
        poetry and place of the Song of Songs.  each day? Do we turn toward the sweet
          The love between Solomon and his    smell when Jesus approaches? Do we stir
        bride flourishes in an unrivalled vineyard.   to learn and love Him more?
        Solomon’s garden is a rich and expansive   But as she muses on his worth and
        land of rolling hills, breathtaking   character her heart turns fearful. She
        mountains, soft meadows, quiet woods,   is unworthy of his love or this new
        manicured beds and satisfying labor.   relationship. The Shulamite’s references
        God’s Word often associates vineyards   to being “black” or “dark” in chapter 1
        with the subject of responsibility, and both   are neither disparaging nor racist. Rather,
        the bride and groom delight to be there   she is describing the result of fruitless
        (Isa 5:1-7; Mat 20:1; Joh 15:4).      days toiling in the harsh sun. Sent to the
          The story begins with a full heart.   vineyard by her brothers, she finds that

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