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Lord graciously blessed in the salvation   With the passage of time, Walter
        of a woman who was touched by his     curtailed his travels to pursue authoring
        conversion.                           the  commentary  on  2 Chronicles for
          Samuel Rea, an older brother who had   the  “What  the  Bible  Teaches”  series.
        been commended to the work, invited   Following those ten years of finishing
        Walter to join him in Sunnyslope, AZ, for   and publishing the book, he also wrote
        gospel meetings. On this visit (his first   numerous articles for five assembly
        time in the West), Walter met Grace Ruchti.   publications. Joan became his amanuensis,
        They were married in 1956 and took up   aiding in the needful busy work of his
        residence in Connecticut. During the next   writings.
        few years a son and two daughters were   In later years, Walter was limited to a
        born. After moving to Maine where the   walker or wheelchair for mobility after he
        family lived for seven years, they relocated   broke his hip in a fall in 2014. His travel
        to Pennsylvania in 1971 where Walter and   was then limited to mostly the east coast of
        Grace continued in happy fellowship in   the US and Canada. Joan faithfully drove
        the Hatboro assembly.                 him to various assemblies and conferences,
          During all those years, he held many   since only bad weather and unsafe roads
        gospel series in the US and Canada, the   could keep him home. Even with physical
        longest being a fruitful 13-week series,   restrictions, he continued his diligent
        the more common being 6-9 weeks.      studies of Scripture, while still writing
        Walter was known for his excellent recall   and occasionally ministering in nearby
        of Scripture, his message illustrations,   assemblies. He wrote over 50 articles,
        and his unique record keeping. During   including eight as yet unpublished. Three
        an overseas trip in 1977 to marry a young   articles were sent for publication in the
        couple in the UK, he visited assemblies   month prior to his homecall in June 2020.
        and helped at a few conferences, later   Walter leaves behind his loving wife,
        reporting that he had preached 85 times   Joan, a son, Walter, and two daughters,
        in 70+ days during the trip!          Ruth (Tom) Hoy and Jean (Don) Smith.
          Grace faithfully supported her
        husband as together they raised their   Walter will be especially missed in
        children and shared in the blessing of   the Hatboro assembly. The highlight of
        five grandchildren. In early 1991, Grace   his week was attending the assembly
        went to be with the Lord after suffering   meetings. He was always prepared to
        for a number of years with cancer. In 1992   participate, even though he knew he
        Walter married Joan Godsoe. She has been   might not have the opportunity to do
        a devoted wife and valued help to Walter   so. His contributions in the mid-week
        as they continued together in the work of   Bible  study  were  helpful  and  greatly
        the Lord. They traveled often across the   appreciated, and his sacrifices of praise
        US and Canada, seeking to encourage   each Lord’s Day morning were fresh and
        many small, isolated assemblies. Walter   Christ-exalting.
        began to focus more on ministry, with   To many, he was described by the
        an exercise to teach the principles and   words Paul left with the saints in Corinth.
        practice of gathering to the Name and   Walter was “steadfast, unmovable, always
        Person of the Lord Jesus Christ alone.    abounding in the work of the Lord.”

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