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ur esteemed brother, Walter    the first time that Christ had died on the
               Gustafson, at 98 years of age,   cross of Calvary for his sins. A short time
        Oawoke in the presence of his         later, Walter was baptized and received
        Savior on Sunday, June 14, 2020, after   into fellowship in the Boston assembly.
        serving Him for over 66 years. He had been   Walter worked in Mechanical
        commended from the Boston assembly,   Engineering after graduating from high
        serving in  gospel work  and ministry   school. When drafted as a non-combatant
        among God’s people, as well as authoring   into the armed forces during WWII, he
        many articles for various magazines and   was  first  sent  to  Great  Britain.  While
        a commentary on 2 Chronicles.         overseas he continued to fellowship with
          Walter was especially stirred to seek a   Christians whenever possible. Upon his
        standing with God at the age of 17, though   return to Boston, Walter continued his
        he was raised in a home by unsaved    fellowship in the Boston assembly while
        Swedish immigrant parents. He joined a   working to help support his mother and
        church and even taught Sunday School.   siblings, as his father had died when he
        He would often say, “I didn’t smoke, I   was away. He was thankful to see two
        didn’t drink, and I never took the Lord’s   sisters saved and also his mother before
        name in vain once that I know of.” Though   she died.
        his life was moral, he became aware of   Walter was blessed with a wonderful
        something he didn’t have after he heard   memory, and his voracious study of God’s
        a man’s conversion account. He had never   Word was evidenced in his preaching.
        heard the word “saved.”               His first conference message was given
          With a work transfer, Walter met a   in Byfield, MA, on the “unequal yoke.”
        believer from the Boston area assembly.   Joe Pearson encouraged Walter in saying
        In the gospel meeting to which he was   that he felt the Lord had helped him,
        invited, the story of Nicodemus resonated   yet warned him that those who speak
        with him, then 20 years of age, as he   publicly would be tested on what is said.
        also realized his own need to be born   Walter found that to be solemnly true
        again. In the following week’s gospel   in the next eight years as he was tested
        meeting, Walter was convicted that his   on the divine principles about which he
        “righteousnesses” (as stated in Isaiah 64:6)   had spoken. Walter became increasingly
        were indeed filthy rags. The next week,   exercised about the gospel and the Lord’s
        Walter faced the fact that he was lost,   work. He left his secular employment in
        admitting that Isaiah 53:6 described him   1953 and was commended to full-time
        going his own way. He was saved while on   service six months later at the age of 34.
        his knees as another brother read the last   He often worked with younger men, some
        part of Isaiah 53:6, that the Lord had laid   of whom were later commended to full-
        on Him his own iniquity. He realized for   time work. In his first gospel series, the

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