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here have been times when a little   1Co 12:13).  The cloud came as the Lord’s
              personal reflection revealed to   gracious gift to His people immediately
        Tmy own heart that I had failed to    upon their redemption, “to lead them
        follow the guidance of God. I hesitated   along the way” and it “did not depart
        when He wanted me to move; I took a   from before the people” (Exo 13:21-22).
        step when it was His will for me to wait.   Likewise in the Church, we receive the
        How did the Spirit of God respond to my   gift of the Spirit upon our salvation (Eph
                                              1:13), He is with us forever (Joh 14:16), and
        failure to perfectly trust Him? By patiently   it is characteristic of the sons of God to be
        teaching me and remaining determined   “led by the Spirit” (Rom 8:14).
        to guide me, “for he who promised is
        faithful” (Heb 10:23).  The Holy Spirit’s   The Manner of Guidance
        guidance  for  us today is previewed    Without the aid of GPS or Google Maps,
        through His faithful guidance to Israel   Israel had to journey through a barren,
        during their wilderness journey: “The   howling wilderness. But they were not
        pillar of cloud to lead them in the way   left to wander according to their own
        did not depart from them by day, nor the   intuition. The cloud lifted and moved
        pillar of fire by night to light for them the   to tell them to break camp, and it settled
                                              where the Lord wanted them to set up
        way by which they should go” (Neh 9:19).
                                              camp. God’s guidance was clear. You may
        The Church’s Corresponding            wish the Spirit’s guidance was still so clear
                                              today – it is! Each of the movements of
        Guidance                              that cloud are called “the command of
          The pillar of cloud and of fire was one   the LORD” (Num 9:18), or literally, the
        and the same – a cloud, with a column of   “mouth” of the Lord. “In the pillar of the
        fire above, the light of which illuminated   cloud he spoke to them” (Psa 99:7). That
                                              cloud was like the Spirit’s voice to guide
        the cloud at night. It was the personal   God’s people. And the Spirit’s voice is still
        manifestation of God’s presence among   heard clearly today, because the Scriptures
        His people and it foreshadowed the    are the words of the Holy Spirit.
        ministry of the Holy Spirit today. As Israel   ² Note that the reference to the cloud and fire is
        was baptized in the cloud, so the Church   followed immediately by “You gave your good
        was baptized in the Spirit (cf. 1Co 10:2 and   Spirit to instruct them” in Neh 9:19-20. See also
                                              Isa 63:11-14, where Scripture links the Holy
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   Spirit with the leading of Israel.
        the ESV.                              ³ E.g., 1Ti 4:1; Heb 3:7; 2Pe 1:21

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