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wo men made their way through   never anticipated, or the world would
              the precincts of Pharaoh’s palace.   ever forget.
        TAlthough their rugged appearance       Pharaoh was not the first potentate
        seemed to ill accord with the splendor of   to defy the power of God, nor would
        their surroundings, only one of the two   he be the last. But his arrogance and
        moved like a man on unfamiliar ground.   intransigence would put him at the center
        The other strode with the accustomed   of one of the greatest object lessons in
        ease of  one who had learned to walk   omnipotence that the world has ever seen.
        on  these  very tiles and  had  grown to   God had raised up Pharaoh “to shew in
        manhood in these halls. His name and   [him His] power; and that [His] name
        memory had been their entrée to the   may be declared throughout all the earth”
        august presence of the mighty Pharaoh   (Exo 9:16). Pharaoh could choose not to
        but, it quickly became  apparent, had   obey God – and he did – but whether by
        given them no lien on Pharaoh’s goodwill.   obedience or in disobedience he would
        Scorn chased disdain across his face as   stand for all time as a monument to God’s
        he listened to their message: “Thus saith   omnipotence.
        the Lord God of Israel, ‘Let my people   Throughout the Scriptures, the plagues
        go, that they may hold a feast unto me   and the Passover are repeatedly presented
        in the wilderness’” (Exo 5:1).  This was   as monuments of divine omnipotence,
        not the usual sycophantic wheedling to   and they still have much to teach us
        which Pharaoh was accustomed. Such a   about that important subject. In the
        message, so bald and so blunt, and utterly   crescendoing calamities that befell Egypt,
        so unobsequious, had seldom been heard   we have not just the arbitrary exhibition
        in these august halls. Pharaoh’s response   of unimaginable power but miracles
        was equally direct. “Who is the Lord,”   with a message (as true miracles always
        he asked, every syllable dripping with   are). As the amplitude of the miracles
        hubris, “that I should obey his voice to   and suffering increased, so too did the
        let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither   message.
        will I let Israel go” (v2). His question   The plagues are divided into three
        would receive such an answer as he    groups, and each division is marked by
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   the ever-expanding lesson that Pharaoh
        the KJV.                              was to learn: “In this thou shalt know that

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