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he wilderness events in Israel’s   events surrounding Amalek, and is for us
              history have been recorded for our   a likeness of the Spirit of God.
        Tbenefit because through them we        So it was with the Lord, who ascended to
        receive instruction for hope, admonition   heaven while leaving us ample resources.
        and heartwarming meditations concerning   In preparing the eleven for His journey
        the  Lord  Jesus.  The  circumstances   to heaven via Calvary, He reminded
        surrounding the incident at Sinai with   them that they had the Father’s Word
        the golden calf are no exception. While   and would have another Comforter to
        we receive admonition from their failure,   abide with them and lead them into all
        we also pick up encouraging notes for   truth. We also know that the Lord Jesus
        learning and comfort as well as glimpses   is for us an unfailing Great High Priest
        of our Beloved through the lattice work of   who is touched with the very feelings of
        Moses’ writings.                      our infirmities, functioning toward the
          Prominent in the background of their   throne of grace for us. So having the Word
        departure  are  the  events  concerning   of God, the intercession of the Spirit of
        Moses’ communication with Jehovah,    God and our Great High Priest, we are
        and the people themselves meeting with   well equipped to face the challenges and
        God, hearing His word, and expressing   temptations connected with the absence
        their intention to enter into a covenant   of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.
        of obedience to the law. Yet all of this   The Thessalonians are an example of
        was leading up to the pivotal moment   appropriate behavior in anticipation of
        when Moses would ascend out of their   their Lord’s return.  Turning to God brought
        sight for forty days. In Exodus 24:12-18,   them from idols and the expectation of
        we see a very relevant illustration of NT   Christ’s return  kept  them from idols.
        truth. Moses is a picture of the Lord Jesus,   In contrast, the Israelites, having been
        leaving the people below to go up, with   delivered from the bondage of Egypt,
        the promise that he will come again to   stepped back toward that from which they
        them. He has already shared with them   had been freed. The golden calf, a slant on
        the words of Jehovah and now indicates   Egyptian worship borrowed from the bull
        that Aaron and Hur will be with them   god Apis,  was a result of a heart longing
        as surrogates in his absence. Aaron is a   for their former life. In Acts 7:39 Stephen
        depiction of the Lord Jesus in His high   said in relation to this event, “Their
        priestly role (albeit an illustration that will   ¹ Joh 14:24
        lose its application as the people affect   ² 1Th 1:9-10; 1Jn 3:3
        Aaron’s judgement). Hur, in conjunction   ³ J.P. Lange, P. Schaff, & C.M. Mead, A
                                              Commentary on the Holy Scriptures Volume 2:
        with Aaron, reassumes his position as   Exodus and Leviticus (New York, NY: Charles
        the aid in intercession that he was in the   Scribner’s Sons, 1876), 132.

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