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he Exodus story is one of wonder. In   born of the Spirit. The flesh did not
              the early chapters, God worked in   cease at salvation but will be with us
        Traising a deliverer, demonstrating   as long as we are in the body. It has
        His power in the plagues, passing over the   never  been  removed  or  reformed  and
        sheltered firstborn, bringing the children   has  all  the  old  desires  and  ambitions.
        of Israel out of bondage in the first steps   Paul reminds us of the outworking of
        toward Canaan, and dealing with the foes   the true character of the flesh: adultery,
        at the Red Sea. No wonder they sang the   fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness
        song of Moses (ch15). What deliverance   (sensuality), idolatry, witchcraft, hatred,
        was theirs!                          variance (strife), emulations (jealousies),
          We, too, were filled with wonder as we   wrath (angers), strife, seditions (disputes),
        pondered our deliverance from bondage   heresies (factions), envyings, murders,
        through the Lamb of God and His sacrifice   drunkenness, revellings, and such like (Gal
        at Calvary. We reveled in the joy of   5:19-21). The root of all such sins lies deep
        redemption, our eternal song (Rev 5). We   within each of us and has the potential to
        may have thought that was an end to our   reveal itself if given the opportunity.
        problems, but we still had some big lessons  The Subject of the Attack
        to learn!                              Though they complained about lack
          For Israel, one of those lessons was a   of bread and water, the Israelites still
        realization that deliverance didn’t make   moved in the path in which Moses led
        them immune from attack. Their journey   them, “according to the commandment
        was not only one in which they would   of  the  Lord.”  Even  so,  they  were  not
        eat manna from heaven and drink water   immune from Amalek’s attack. Walking in
        from the rock, but one that would require   obedience and fellowship with God in the
        endurance in the face of difficulties. The   pathway He has marked out for us does
        first of those difficulties was an attack by   not make us immune from attacks from
        Amalek.                              the flesh. Sometimes in our most spiritual
        The Source of the Attack             moments our enjoyment is interrupted by
          The history goes back, 250 years prior, to   fleshly thoughts that distract us and leave
        Esau’s grandson, Amalek, born of Timna,   us feeling grieved and ashamed.
        a concubine. His name means “dweller in  The Swiftness of the Attack
        the valley,” and he became a mighty duke.   The Israelites were not long on the
        Later, Balaam described the Amalekites as   road, possibly just 30 to 40 days’ travel
        “the first [i.e., chief] of the nations” (Num   from Egypt. They had scarcely finished
        24:20).  Thus Amalek speaks to us not just   the song of redemption and received
        of the flesh but of degenerate flesh.  the manna and water when the enemy
          We were born of the flesh before being   attacked them. Sadly, we, too, learned
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   just after commencing our enjoyment of
        the KJV.                             salvation and God’s rich provision for

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