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2:51: “He [Jesus] went down with them,   his wife “according to knowledge.” It is
        and came to Nazareth, and was subject   incumbent upon the man to get to know his
        unto  them.”  People  speak  of  going  on   wife, not be constantly off with friends or
        missions for God, but the greatest mission   living separate lives. He is to give “honour
        is submission! Voluntarily placing oneself   unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel.”
        under divinely appointed authority and   While this could mean weaker physically
        leadership shines the spotlight upon   or emotionally, I suggest it also may be
        God’s creatorial wisdom. In doing so, the   because of the place of submission she has
        woman herself is magnified before God   voluntarily surrendered herself to, leaving
        (cf. 1Pe 3:4).                       herself vulnerable. Husbands, don’t abuse
          Titus 2:3 makes it abundantly clear that   it or take it for granted, but value and
        the aged women are to teach the young   promote her for it! Headship is founded
        women how to love their husbands, how   upon authority and submission, not abuse
        to have a true maternal care for their   and suppression.
        children, how to be self-controlled and   In Ephesians 5:25-33, the husband is
        pure in their actions, maintaining and   taught to be sacrificial in love to his wife,
        benefiting the home sphere by being in   as Christ was in giving Himself for the
        voluntary submission to the authority of   Church. Likewise, as Christ is presently
        the husband. Such responsibility to teach   sanctifying and cleansing the Church
        these things can only be accomplished by   with the water of the Word, the husband’s
        those who have lived after this manner   responsibility is to have a spiritual love for
        themselves.                          his wife, not one based upon satisfying his
          What about those who have an unsaved   own desires. Let us remember that as the
        or erring husband, who wilfully disobeys   Church will be manifested and the work of
        the Word of God? 1 Peter 3:1-6 makes it   Christ borne witness to, so, too, the actions
        clear that “living” before them will be   of a husband for his wife will be scrutinised
        more effective than “preaching” at them.   and seen at the Judgment Seat of Christ.
        It’s possible to win the erring party by a   The love of a husband for his wife is to be
        clean and holy life. They note your fear   selfless – “so ought men to love their wives
        of God and desire to be right inwardly,   as their own bodies.” It is to be a sensitive
        as opposed to merely concentrating on   love, one that will nourish, cherish and
        material externals. It stands in contrast to   keep warm. Yes, husbands, there is nothing
        this corruptible world, and your ability   wrong with being a romantic! Let every
        to exercise a mild and unobtrusive spirit   one of you particularly in this way so love
        not only speaks volumes to them but also   his wife, and the wife see that she respects
        is highly valued by God. Attraction to   her husband.
        spiritual things is not based upon the flesh.  Finally, having considered the
          Placing  oneself  in  submission  is  a   devastating effect that sin brought to
        vulnerable place to be. We only have to   marriage, it’s with joy that we witness
        observe the life and sufferings of Christ to   headship within matrimony being upheld
        see this exemplified. In order to safeguard   and  enjoyed.  Scripture  is  replete  with
        this place of the wife, our God is careful to   marriages that brought pleasure to the
        give clear instructions to the man. In 1 Peter   heart of God. May Christians today
        3:7, the husband is taught to dwell with   experience the same.

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