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The Design of God                    and woman are not autonomous; rather,

          The design of God for marital headship   a mutual dependence is vital. We bless
                                             God that into the first marriage He firmly
        is no afterthought. In the last article we   established the principle of headship,
        understood that in chronological order, God,   setting a foundation stone for every
        with purpose, formed the man before the   marriage thereafter.
        woman (cf. 1Co 11:9) – headship is not
        a result of sin! We also noted the moral  The Dismay of God
        order of the creation, proving the clear   The dismay of God in the disregard
        superiority of mankind over the animal   of marital headship is unmistakably
        kingdom. With the benefit of the NT, we   discerned in Genesis 3:8-19. The man who
        further  observed  the  typical  order,  that   introduced thousands of new words when
        in Genesis 2:18-25 God was painting a   he named the animals had remained silent
        portrait to speak of Christ and His bride.   when Eve partook from the tree and did
        Now we desire to focus on the scriptural   eat. Spirituality is not based upon intellect.
        order for headship within marriage.  The woman who was to be a helper to
        The Delight of God                   Adam heeded  the lie  of  the devil  and
                                             stepped  out  of  her  God-given  sphere,
          The delight of God for marital headship   embracing the position of leadership and
        is not hidden in Scripture. With creation   head. The first marriage was under attack,
        blossoming from His handiwork and    and the first principle that was assaulted
        the first couple in total harmony in His   was headship.
        presence, we hear Him breathe out,
        “Very good.” With man placed as head,  The Desire of God
        the  woman  was  to  be  his  “help  meet”   The desire of God for marital headship
        (Gen  2:18).  The Hebrew word means   to continue was not diminished. In the NT
        to “aid” or “assist,” not a position to be   we have every instruction for headship
        despised. Of the 21 times it’s used in the   to flourish within the marriage bond.
        OT, 16 refer to God Himself. For example,   Ephesians  5:22  teaches  us  that  for  the
        Psalm 121:1-2 says, “I lift up mine eyes   wellbeing of the marriage, wives are to
        unto the mountains: whence shall my   “submit [them]selves unto [their] own
        ‘help’ come? My ‘help’ [cometh] from   husbands, as unto the Lord.” The Greek
        Jehovah, who made the heavens and the   word translated “submit” is used 49 times
        earth” (JND). To every godly wife, as you   in the NT and is constructed from 2 words
        take this dignified position, you are in   meaning to voluntarily arrange oneself in
        good company! Within marriage, man   an orderly manner within the sphere of
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   authority – yielding to another’s control.
        the KJV unless otherwise noted.      The first mention of the word is in Luke

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