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“      ather, why are we moving again   was called, he obeyed and left his land,
                                              not knowing where God would take him.
             so soon?” Perhaps Isaac asked this
        Fquestion  as  he  untied ropes  and    Abraham was leaving his relatives be-
        pulled up stakes. Abraham and his family   hind, perhaps never to see them again. He
        had been living in tents ever since coming   was making a break with the paganism of
        to Canaan. They were temporary residents   Mesopotamia. This was no small sacrifice
        in a land that God had promised to one   to make. But for all he left behind, God had
        day give them.                        called him to a better life. He would now
          Abraham had come from a land of     build altars and commune with Jehovah.
        idolatry, called by the one true God. His   Here God was giving him a land and here
        life of following God was not without dif-  he would have a son.
        ficulties and disappointments, but Abra-   Like Abraham, when God calls us to
        ham believed God and it was counted   follow Him, the sacrifice will always be
        to him for righteousness (Gen 15:6; Rom   eclipsed by the blessings, if we will only
        4:3). His life of faith gained him a place in   see them. Worth more than any sacrifice
        Hebrews 11, where the commentary on his   we  could  make  are  the  value  of  quiet
        life has valuable lessons for us. There are   fellowship with our Savior and the confi-
        four things that the writer of Hebrews 11   dence that comes from time spent in His
        links to Abraham’s faith.             presence. We must live with an intentional
        His Obedience (v8)                    awareness of the purpose for which God
          When Abraham lived in Mesopotamia,   has called us – to know Him, to become
                                              like Him, and to bring others to Him.
        God appeared to him and told him to
        leave his home country and his family    His Perseverance (v9)
        and go into a land which God would show   Abraham lived in the promised land
        him. The difficulty of this instruction can   as a foreigner. He did not reside in an
        be judged by the fact that he only went   established estate but lived in a movable
        partway, to Haran, and stayed there until   tent. He never settled down and staked
        his father died (Act 7:4). He didn’t com-  his territory even though a vast tract was
        pletely leave the land and he didn’t com-  promised to him. For nearly a hundred
        pletely leave his family. Is it any wonder   years, Abraham dwelt in the land, but God
        that there were no altars of devotion nor   did not give him a place to settle (Act 7:5).
        any divine appearances during this time?   He continued to trust that what God had
        He is remembered for his faithfulness, but   promised He would fulfill. He persevered
        he also had his failings. Yet Hebrews 11   when God’s promises concerning a son
        overlooks those and notes that when he   seemed to be delayed. When a famine

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