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eadership is foundational to God’s   Meanwhile, the NT’s expositions on
              creatorial order. At the beginning   leadership are both extensive and explicit.
        Lof His creative work, God first      Expanding upon the noble work of a godly
        dispelled darkness, and on the fourth   overseer, the Apostle Paul observed, “If
        day proceeded to establish lights in the   any man aspires to the office of overseer,
        heavens – to illuminate, differentiate and   it is a fine work he desires to do” (1Ti 3:1
        dominate (“rule” KJV). In completing His   NASB95).
        work, He formed Adam, whom He placed    King Solomon lamented the farce of
        in the Garden of Eden as His personal   an ineffective and obstinate ruler: “Better
        representative, expanding on the respon-  was a poor and wise youth than an old
        sibilities of his role, with the instruction to   and foolish king who no longer knew
        be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue   how to take advice” (Ecc 4:13 ESV). Satan
        the earth.                            also appreciates the potential of effective
          Similarly, leadership is key to His   leadership, and this is evident from his
        eschatological purpose. In the end,   consistent and concerted efforts to make
        Christ, the last Adam, will deliver up the   good leaders fail.
        kingdom to God: “For he must reign, till   Sadly, Solomon’s words were not
        he hath put all enemies under his feet ….   just proverbial but prophetic. Though
        And when all things shall be subdued   endowed with unrivalled wisdom, he
        unto him, then shall the Son also himself   failed to heed his own advice. Successive
        be subject unto him that put all things   generations of leaders became increasingly
        under him, that God may be all in all”   dull of hearing and hard of heart, until at
        (1Co 15:25-28 KJV).                   last King Jehoiakim warmed himself in
          When we consider how God’s plan     his winter palace at a fire fueled with
        for the ages is bookended in this way,   leaves he was cutting from the scroll of
        we begin to see the inalienable principle   Jeremiah’s prophecy. He was apparently
        established that those who lead for God   unperturbed by the judgment God had
        must do so in a way that allows His work   brought upon his equally defiant northern
        to develop and flourish, realising that their   neighbours just a few years earlier when
        rule is a sacred stewardship and should be   the fearsome Assyrian army invaded. In
        motivated by the ultimate aim of bringing   less than 20 years Jehoiakim was gone, and
        glory to Him.                         his son Zedekiah, who succeeded him,
          That God considers this important is   had been ignominiously deposed and
        evident from the wealth and variety of   deported to Babylon, but not until his eyes
        both positive and negative examples in   had been gouged out, his two sons having
        His Word. The OT is chock-full of the   been mercilessly executed in his sight. The
        exploits of heroic examples like Moses,   Davidic dynasty had apparently come to
        Joshua and Caleb; Deborah, Samson and   an inglorious end.
        Samuel; David, Solomon and Hezekiah,    Just as God had not forsaken them in
        whose feats and failures had such a   the wilderness when they had refused
        profound impact upon the material and   to listen and had become stubborn (Neh
        spiritual prosperity of God’s people.   9:17), so He did not abandon them in their

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