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“       y faith Noah, being warned by God   the dark? Never! They ring out the strong
                                                Were these all speculative leaps into
              concerning events as yet unseen,
        Bin reverent fear constructed an ark   confident steps of men who “staggered not
        for the saving of his household. By this he   at the promise of God through unbelief;
        condemned the world and became an heir   but [were] strong in faith, giving glory
        of the righteousness that comes by faith”   to God; And being fully persuaded that,
        (Heb 11:7).                           what he had promised, he was able also
          Faith: the awesome, doubt-destroying,   to perform. And therefore it was imputed
        soul-liberating confidence that God can   to [them] for righteousness” (Rom 4:20-22
        be fully trusted, that every word of His   KJV). This is the story of Hebrews 11; these
        is completely true; that when He speaks,   are the stories of faith that please God.
        the most implausible, improbable things   Noah means “rest”; his father predicted
        are infinitely more reliable and sure than   that  through  his  firstborn  son,  the
        the shadowlands of reason and science.   wearisome harvest of Eden’s forbidden
        Independent  of  historical  precedent,   fruit (labor, pain, tears) would be reversed,
        transcending statistical probability, God’s   and that a new Sabbath, a new “shalom,”
        Word calls for total confidence; “the grass   would dawn (Gen 5:29). And while its
        withers, the flower fades, but the word   full blessing awaits the advent of Noah’s
        of our God will stand forever” (Isa 40:8).   greatest Son (e.g., Heb 4), there would
          Ask Abel – in a world where killing   indeed be, in the life of Noah, a temporary
        animals for food is unknown, can God be   reprieve from the crushing insanity of a
        satisfied with the blood and fat of lambs?   world gone mad without God.
        Ask Enoch – in a world where sin made   The world was a mess. Violence,
        death universal, can a man who walks   immorality, depravity and demon-
        with God make a detour around the     possession were the norm; only one gleam
        cemetery, and step directly from life into   in the twilight, one man, out of millions,
        glory? Ask Noah – in a world that never   attracted  the  eye  of  God. And  what
        saw a drop of rain, can a man obey God   pleasure Noah brought to Him. He was a
        and build an ark (“An ark? What’s that?”),   godly man, righteous and without blemish
        and be saved from a deluge he could not   (both words in Gen 6:9 are elsewhere used
        faintly imagine?                      of God) and, as such, found grace in God’s
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   sight. Noah’s life was a life of faith; he
        the ESV unless otherwise noted.       walked with God, and in the enjoyment

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